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Tired of hearing this....

When I say I'm getting married...
"Don't do it!"
"Not too late to turn back!"
"just elope"
"Goodbye life!"

REALLY? Even if people are trying to be funny, its not. Its stupid and they look stupid saying it. I hate being looked at as the naive bride who doesn't know anything about marriage. Ive been with FI for 8 years and together we've been through more than most people could handle. I just get so tired of hearing it. Just say Congratulations even if you have little faith in marriage. I'm very happy and ready to be married. Stop ruining it! 

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Re: Tired of hearing this....

  • My FH used to say he never belileved in love either - which I found completely obsurd, but we are geting married, surprisinlgy I haven't heard that stuff yet, but then again the majority of my friends are already married with children and have been since about 19 years old.

    If it were me I'd smile and half- jokingly say "well that's a rude thing to say now isn't it?!" and then walk away.

  • My mom keeps telling us to elope. Its getting kinda annoying...
  • I'm with you sister! So obnoxious! I've always been a hopeless romantic so I don't really understand how people don't "believe" in love, but whatever. Bottom line: people who say things like that to engaged couples are douchey.
  • THANK YOU!!!! I was just thinking about this earlier today. I HATE IT!!! And since I am marrying my high school sweetheart, people believe that I am completely naive! I know that marriage will not be easy. I'm not dumb! I am happy, I love him, he loves me, and we are both willing to do whatever it takes to have a happy successful marriage.  I honestly want to tell those people that I am sorry they have a crappy marriage, but perhaps instead of telling me about it, go home and talk to your spouse!!

     Someone at work actually told me that the only reason that I think FI hasn't cheated on me is because he is a good liar. It really truly made me feel sorry for her. (in addition to being angry that she said that!)

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  • I hear this all the time to. Its really annoying... why can't people be happy for us? FI and I try not to let it bother us. We just remember why we're getting married in the first place, we're head over heals in love! lol
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  • I know! I'm 22, my FI is 26; people are constantly making judgements about my age! (Not my peers or friends - random people I meet on the street) I have always been an old soul, and getting married is OBVIOUSLY not a decision I took lightly. People say things like "Are you done having your adventures?" No! I just know who I want to have them with!
    Thank God my family and friends are excited Smile
  • I don't get too much of that, thankfully. I'll admit I was a bit annoyed to get the "Gosh, what a terrible idea" response in the freaking marriage license office at the courthouse yesterday! What is wrong with people? Even if so many marriages do end in divorce (and we've all heard the stats, already), isn't a great marriage still considered a goal worth striving for?
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  • I would look at the cynics and just say "Just cause your marriage failed or you are impetent doesn't mean my marriage is going to fail. So how about you go back to your lack of love life and stop trying to bring me down to your low pitiful unnurturing level" Than walk away smiling.
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