Christmas gift for my mom?

Be honest.

Our American invites are going to go to my parents house because it just makes sense.  I was planning on buying an embosser instead of printing the addresses on the envelopes because it's cheaper and then you can use it after the wedding.  

Is it lame to give that to my mom as part of her Christmas gift?  It would be her name of course as it's going to her so of course she would use it after.  I was thinking of pairing it with nice note cards with her monogram as well as the stuff I got her in India.  

I'm going to bed now as it's almost 1 and my nestie friend with the twins is coming to visit us tomorrow, with babies and H AND Taco Bell.  Happy Days.  

Thanks ladies.  

Re: Christmas gift for my mom?

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    Actually, I think that's a really cool idea.  You could get note cards, letter paper, etc. to give to her as well.

    I think if you want to make it a more polished gift, you could emboss the stuff before you give it to her, and then give it to her in addition to the cards.  That way, it's all part and parcel.  The other thing you could do is buy two, one with her address and one with a monogram or something else, and give her both with some blank paper as well as already embossed paper and cards.

    Where are you planning on getting the embosser?  I think this is such a cool gift idea, I am actually tempted to do this for several others I know.
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    Staples does them, but that was going to be one of my next questions.  Is there a better place?  Staples usually has coupons and such doesn't it?  
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    I think that's a really unique gift and very thoughtful.  She'll obviously use it.  I say go for it. 
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