Wedding Coordinator?

Our venue is about an hour and half south of us and in an area that we are unfamiliar with (Scranton).
I have some color ideas that I like but not sure how it will look in our venue. I also have viewed a lot of pictures for ideas but havent seen anything that "speaks to me" as far as decor so i have no idea what I want or what would look good without spending a fortune but also not looking cheap. 

We're  thinking the feel of the wedding to be elegant, romantic, and timeless but still fun, not stuffy.

 1. Do you think it's worth hiring a wedding coordinator just for these reasons?

 I know a day of coordinator is obviously cheaper so i'm not sure if hiring them a year out would be too expensive.

* just searched wedding wire for the scranton area and only a few of the coordinators had any reviews at all, the few that did each had only one person review, but good.  Only one of them had 5 reviews (all good), "Pure Luxe Bridal consultants" .  

2. I saw on their site that they go to Philly. Has anyone heard or worked with them?


 btw. AW: Just realized a little while ago that today makes exactly one year until the big day!  Wow, Let the countdown begin! Smile 365

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Re: Wedding Coordinator?

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    Scranton is about 2/ 2.5 hours north of Philadelphia, so you are actually closer then most of us.  I have been to Scraton several times, but am not really familiar with the area per say, and no nothing about weddings in the area.  

    Try the Northeast PA board.  

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