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May 2010 Weddings

Wedding pictures stalking on FB

Makes me cry like a baby. I am so happy fro y'all and I'm so excited for May 15th to get here. If I cry looking through your pictures I can't even imagine what I'll be like at my own wedding....maybe I'll stuff my dress with tissues......

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Re: Wedding pictures stalking on FB

  • my emotions are really starting to get the best of me!
  • I wish people would start sending me some pictures. God I know I felt like the paparatzi was around me with all the camera's when I went down the aisle but I have yet to see more than 1 picture and that was from my bridesmaid from her iphone.
  • nd76nd76 member
    Oh, but every time I see your one pic, onlymels, it just makes me go AAAAWWWWW!
    You look so pretty...and I really like your dress. :P
  • Aww thank you!! Yeah my BM was able to miss the rabbit ears hubby was trying to give me lol.
  • I told FI I was going to stuff tissues down my dress, too, Stephers.  He laughed, and then said it might not be a good idea for the bride, at her own wedding, to go fishing down her cleavage just to dry her eyes. :)

    I then made sure the priest would have a hearty supply of kleenex on hand.  Waterproof makeup or not, I'm going to need it.  And once I start going, FI will be waterworks too.
  • I love seeing all the pictures too. I cant wait to see myself in some pictures. Im getting all teary eyed right now just thinking about it.
  • I LOVE looking at all the pictures!!!!
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  • The pics make me cry too! Everyone looks so gorgeous! And I cant wait to be looking at pics from my wedding this time next week!!!! I dont know how Im going to make it through the ceremony, I dont want to be a big blubbering mess.
  • yeah i'm waiting too..my photographer still doesnt have them up but shes usually really fast...plus none of the people at the wedding posted any on facebook...i'm more nervous about the pics than the actual wedding i just had lol
  • I have photos up on fb from so many people- there are literally hundreds... and it's good, minus the fact that all I do is sit here and look through them over and over again! lol  <3
  • pam, do you still know how to facebook???

    i love all the pics, i was on there last night looking and couldn't break away back to what i was suppsoed to be doing!
  • sms274sms274 member
    That used to be my favorite thing to do on FB now I don't even have time to do that anymore. I need to sit down and stalk a bit, i think that will get me back in my wedding happy place and out of crazy stressed out bride mode. FH is about to kick me in the butt I think. ;)
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