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May 2010 Weddings

BAHHH! Cat Vent!

My cat Zoe just gets into EVERYTHING...I just had to pick up a package of crystals off the floor. So frustrating...especially now with all these packages coming in the mail she has to check everything out. I finally broke down and bought a plastic container with a lid to keep all the wedding stuff in so she'd leave it alone! 

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Re: BAHHH! Cat Vent!

  • My cat is kind of an a$$hole as well. haha. We had to get childproof latches for all of our cabinets. He also has an insatiable appetite for tampons. If I leave a box of them accessible to him, he will rip every last one to shreds. I feel your pain, haha
  • stu...mine goes after q-tips too....she gets them off the counter for the dog too and he tries to eat them!

    i have two kitties and they are total opposites....dixie is quiet and loves to hide, trixie is wide open and if she is hiding, its b/c she is waiting for a dog or person to come by so she can jump out and attack.
    mine also get into our packages and grocery bags....i am going to order trixie a crinkle tunnel b/c she seems to love anything plastic that crinkles.
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    YES!  grocery bags!!!!  Bella sticks her head through the handles and then runs around the house dragging the bag around behind her like a cape!!!  It's hilarious, but I'm worried that she's going to strangle herself one day, so we have to closely supervise her!  Jax likes to EAT anything plastic.  He tries to chew on plastic bags, cheese wrappers that he digs out of the trashcan (which has a lid on it by the way), bubble wrap, anything plastic he can find!!  I'm CONSTANTLY taking stuff away from him.  Half of the time, I don't even know where he's finding this stuff!
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  • My cat is part mainecoon. He weighs in at 20 pounds.  He attacks my dog (45 lb boxer) and he chews on ANY plastic he can find. He also scratches the sh!t out of the carpet under the closet doors and has ripped the corner of the back of the living room chair to shreds.... Yet I still love him and he curls up in my arms every night...
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  • Wow am lucky my cat is so lazy now she never gets in to anything any more, well just craws into any boxes we have.  My yorkiepoo is the one that I have to worry about.  My MOH's cat eats her clothes.  And of course it's always new clothes she just bought.

  • My dog shreds toilet paper rolls. You can't leave ANYTHING within her reach or she will eat/destroy it.
  • ooohhh....mine swing on the clothes in the closet and i get picks in them, makes me so mad!!
  • haley:  Jax also destroys rolls of toilet paper!!  FI (like some men) REFUSES to put the new roll of toilet paper on the holder.  He either puts it on the window sill or leaves it sitting on the counter.  Jax will go in and grab it and take it into the office and destroy it!!  We've gone through SOOOO much toilet paper because of him!

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  • I keep all wedding stuff in either closets or a room closed off from the cats.  One of mine is a little thief and they are both into everything!
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