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I need the RSVP's to hurry it up a little

Are your RSVP's leaking in slowly? I feel like I should have gotten way more by now and its making me nervous. 

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Re: I need the RSVP's to hurry it up a little

  • Well I just got my first 3 today and I was surprised to get 3 I knew I had 1 coming. I think I'll keep the one from my dad for our wedding memory scrapish book thing that will take me years to put together.
  • Mine has gone down hill, but I feel like overall I've had good response. I had 10 the first day, 10 the second day, then 6, then 4, then 2, and then today I only got 1 back. I figure it will come in waves. Overall, 20% have been returned in about a week, so that's pretty good. I have also had some emails and some calls of "I can't wait", but I'm holding out for the RSVP to actually be sent. I don't get what is up with people. It's already addressed and stamped - and I even put the number of people on it - just CHECK it and seal the envelope!
  • I just got the first ones yesterday and am already anxiously awaiting mail delivery!!
  • It's been our immediate family and a few of my closest friends... and that was from the STDs! :(
  • I got a bunch the first two weeks, now they are slow. :(  I'm sure it will be that way up until a week before the due date.
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  • I am having guests RSVP online and I have had a lot on-line but they have started to dwindle. Then I have got a couple in the mail which I love but I figure there will be more as our RSVP date get near. 
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  • Amen!  I really don't like the days when I don't get any at all - either by mail or e-mail. But I have heard from 80 out of 212, so I'm more than a third of the way there with a month until the RSVP date on the card. 
  • I just mailed mine day before yesterday so I don't expect any RSVPs until MAYBE today. I got one yesterday from my aunt who I gave her her invitation at our assembly party :)
  • I was all excited because i got 3 in at the same time and then I got one the next day now I am getting nothing NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!! Ok breathing...... I am frustrated by this as well and most of the ones I did get back are ones I knew weren't coming GEESH!!!!!
  • Mine are SUPER slow. It's 2 weeks from the RSVP date and we still haven't heard from over 100 people!
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  • I hear you, our RSVP date is March 25th and we have only gotten 37 out of 122.
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  • Forget RSVPs!! I don't even have addresses yet, let alone my invitations assembled, addressed, or mailed. Someone please pinch me! 
  • Don't feel bad! I am just now getting my invitations printed, but I don't have all my addresses either.

    I'm on Spring Break next week, so that's my invite week! Good luck getting all your invite duties done soon!
  • I started getting them last week. I only gave everyone 1 month to rsvp. I figured that would speed up the process (even if etiquette suggests longer) and it must be working becuase in the first week I already have 26 RSVPS out of 110. Not bad! I'm sure they will be stragglers but then I will have plenty of time to call people that have not repsonded!
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