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May 2010 Weddings


So, today was a busy day. I did all my errands and then some...went to lunch with my family for mothers day and then FI and I went to dinner with his family for mothers day...I had been running around all day and right when we got to the restaurant and sat down tears started streaming down my face. It was weird. I didn't think I was stressed...I defninetly have butterflies here and there but other than that I'm pretty calm...most everything is done. 
Anyway, it was awkward but FMIL held my hand and talked me down and then we had a lovely dinner. I just really want it to be Saturday PLEASE!

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Re: awkward..........

  • Aww how sweet of FMIL. It's ok to cry. :) Trust me I've been crying all weekend. I'm glad you had a great day with both famlies and got a lot done today as well. :)

    Saturday will be here before you know it!
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  • Crying is completely normal.  But that doesn't make you feel any better when it comes on unexpectedly or when it is at a completely inconvenient time or place.  But I agree with Holly - you have a great FMIL that cares for you.  And congrats on getting so much done.  Just a few more days and you'll be moved into your new home and a Mrs.!  Hang in there kiddo!!
  • Sugar, I have been crying at everything lately. You are not alone!!
  • In Response to Re: awkward..........:
    [QUOTE]Sugar, I have been crying at everything lately. You are not alone!!
    Posted by prescott624[/QUOTE]

    I feel like a moron. Not a big gooey type but as the wedding gets closer I cry over almost everything!
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