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May 2010 Weddings

When do I mail these things?

Hey girls, my date is May 15th and I'm just wondering, how far in advance are you mailing out your invitations? I'm ready to see these things go! TIA! :)


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Re: When do I mail these things?

  • My date is May 1st and I'm sending mine out the first week of feb but half of my guest list is oot guests.

  • OK, I may do mid Feb or the last week of Feb then. All of our guests including FI and I are from out of town so I guess they should have some extra warning. Thanks!

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    Our date is May 22 and about 30% of our guests are oot but we aren't sending our invites out until around the 3rd/4th week in March and have an RSVP date of May 1.

  • We're May 8th, and sending ours out end of February.  about 75% of our list is OOT, but we did send out STD's with hotel information, so I'm not too concerned that they're going out only 8 weeks out.  That's standard.  You don't want to send them out too early so people forget to RSVP.
  • Our RSVP date is March 15th, we're mailing ours 6 weeks in advance of that. The majority of our guest list is OOT.
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  • I'm mailinmg mine Feb. 15. My date is May 14 all my guest are local. I just thing that 3 mons is better then 2.
  • We will be sending ours out around the end of March. I dont want people to forget about it if they are sent really early!

  • Our date is May 1st and I'm sending ours out sometime in February.
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  • We are sending ours out Feb 15th for our May 1st wedding and our RSVP date is March 25th, which allows us time to get all the RSVP's before the catering deadline
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  • We are sending ours out the first week in February for a May 1st wedding. RSVP date is March 15th.
  • I'm May 15 as well. We're mailing ours the first week of March, RSVP date is April 21.

  • Our date is May 15 also and I'm planning on mailing invites on March 8th. Our RSVP date is April 24.

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  • Our date is May29th and we plan on sending out invitations the first week of March with an April 15th rsvp date. This will give me enough time to follow up on any non-replies/questions/comments. Plus, it gives me 6 weeks to send out invites to my B list. Ha!Embarassed
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