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Okay confess, how many of you had a breakdown crying fit from stressing over wedding plans?
Well I did just this week.  My FI is just starting out in his own business so he's swamped.  I'm learning a new job that I hate, but it pays the bills.  I have a project due next week for school.  None of my BMs ordered their dresses and today is the deadline.  We've been engaged for over a year but the planning is down to the details time and everyone wants to know everything all the time.
On Tues I emailed my sister to apologize for giving her attitude over something I later realized I screwed up, not her.  I told her I'm really stressed out because I feel like its all on me to get all this done and I'm not handling it well so I was sorry for giving her attitude lately.  She wrote back Wed with a long list of her stresses which I didn't find very "supportive" at the time so I lashed out then she lashed back.  I cancelled the wedding she quit being MOH.  On top of it all I was getting reamed out at work all day for things other people did wrong. 

The crying started before I left work and was even worse when my sister called me to apologize.  I apologized too.  we had a nice talk and were laughing by the end of the call.  We were never all that close but I have a new found respect and love for my sis after all that.  None of my freinds would would have called me a baby one minute and console me the next.
Oh, and no more crying since so my advice is find someone you can have a good fight with and still be friends afterwards just to get all your frustrations out.  I feel so much better now.

Re: bridal breakdown

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    I don't cry, but I understand how you feel.
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    About two weeks ago, I had a mini breakdown.
    Not just from wedding stuff, but it didn't help with the other stresses I had going on.

    Have a glass a wine and take a bubble bath.  It will all work out :)
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    I don't think I ever actually cried from stress, but I did have one major day where I got in my car and YELLED at the top of my lungs until I could sit there calmly and breathe.   It was the day that MIL/SIL and my myself, my mom and MOH all got into a MAJOR fight - I felt that the most important people in my life and DH's life were at odds, never going to get along, and that it was going to be a major stress factor during the entire wedding planning, wedding itself, and the rest of my life.  It was a bad day.  It did get a lot better though - it's still slightly awkward to have them around each other... and I don't think MIL and I have fully recovered from it.. but it's fine.  Ultimately though, that was my breaking point, and then all of the other stressers that had been creeping up came out at that point too.  I just got in the car and literally screamed until I felt better (I drove to a park where it was pretty empty and did it as to not create a scene...)  :)
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    I have had my moments.  It seems like once a month I'm up at 2am sobbing.  I was crying at my desk this past monday when the wedding stuff just got overwhelming.  I just try and get through those moments and step away when I need to.  I planned events (big events) for 5 years, but nothing prepared me for planning my wedding. You'll get through it!!
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    I think its nice to know that I'm not the only one who had a breakdown.  I'm kind of glad it was my sister because I think I secretly wanted to tell her off my whole life and we were able to forgove and forget.  I'm not sure how others would have reacted.
    Its a busy time in the planning but I just have to remember that it will calm down soon. 
    Thanks everyone!
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    I know how you feel.  Im planning EVERYTHING by myself, no one else is helping to plan.  It is very stressful, and I have cried, and wanted to just cancel the wedding, try and get money refunded, and elope or something instead.  But I think we just have to get through this and it will be worth it on the day of when everyone is happy and having a great time getting drunk and dancing! haha. That's what im looking forward too.  I want my friends and fam to have fun, and myself and fi to of course!  I have almost just 1 month left.  Its down to finalizing menu, picking out EVERY song, finalizing my gown alterations + accessories + his alterations and all, and making DIY board for table seating tags, want to buy polaroids for our "guest book", other crap like that, and im doing all the plants/flower arranging myself the day before + decorating the venue and everything! so...i'll prob be okay until the week of, then start crying again lol.
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    It's happened!  I've been planning for about 6 months and I've had about 2 breakdowns.  Sometimes - you just have to step away and have a good cry!  You come back refreshed!
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