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My pain management doctor was awarded top doctor by Delaware Today for 2010, and featured in an article in their magazine.  She even addressed the disease I have, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD).  Those blocks she talks about?  I am scheduled for 3 of them, one right after another.  Hopefully they work!

Top Doctors 2010: The Evolution - Delaware Today - October 2010 - Delaware

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    [QUOTE]Those blocks she talks about?  I am scheduled for 3 of them, one right after another.  Hopefully they work!
    Posted by Ms.BriarRose[/QUOTE]

    Is this in lieu of the epidural treatment that got messed up? How are you feeling now that it's a little warmer out?
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    Awesome, MBR. That's great to know you have a terrific doc working with you!
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    Yeah, this is in lieu of the spinal infusion that the worker's comp is refusing to pay for.  I have had 18 of these blocks before (at least, 18 that I can remember, it may be over 20 at this point), and they do help, just not for long enough- that's why we were going to do the infusion, because it was the same med and all.  We are hoping that doing them one after another (starting Wed next week, and the two Wed after that), we will pump enough drug into the nerve that it will work.  We don't know, but it's worth a try.

    I'm not feeling that much better.  Which is pisssing me off.  I am stressing out over several things going on right now, unrelated to my health, but the stressing is causing me to hurt like crazy. 
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    Sorry to hear (read) that.  Try not to stress out... especially about house stuff that is essentially out of your control right now.
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    Yeah for your doctor! Hopefully, you will find something that works for your pain...

    My mom has RSD. She was really bad after first being diagnosed about 14 years ago and went through the works to attempt to get some pain control. They told her shed be in a wheel chair 5 years after the diagnoses. She got pregnant with my brother about two years or so after the diagnoses (thank God that he was healthy since she was on so many drugs). The pregnancy seemed to slow the progression of the disease and today she still has full mobility and is not on any scheduled pain medication. Its crazy how the disease works and Its sad that so little research has been done on this disease. However, I was happy to see it on House a year or so ago to shed some light on the disease.

    Have you joined a support group for RSD? I know that helped my mom out with coping. Its hard to find people that know about the disease and even harder for people to understand whats going on....even in the medical field!
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