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**February 1308**

------------------ Just in case you decide not to read the bottom post.  Hello, #1. Yes, please use proper grammar and punctuation.  It is difficult to take anyone seriously (regardless of age) when he or she does not know how to write properly.  Thanks. #2. Whether or not you decide to go through with this or not, please at least take into consideration that most of us are at least 6 years older than you.  Meaning we've been through high school and probably college.  That's a lot more life experience than it seems.  Plus, we don't know you, so this is completely unbiased advice (meaning we don't really care what you do in the end.) So it's a really good idea to listen to what we have to say. #3. There is nothing wrong with just dating for years and years.  Why is it such a rush to be married?  You and "FI" can be together through all milestones just as well as if you're married (minus the financial ties that tend to bring down even the most mature and "ready couples).  You think you know him, but I find out something new about FI every day (good and bad) and it's taken me 6 years to get this far.  #4.  Please, please please pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee make sure you're using some form of birth control whether or not you're married.  If you go through with the marriage, it's REALLY important that you wait to have children until you are financially and emotionally ready as a couple.  #5.  Totally unbiased advice: please wait.  Honestly.Fe

Re: **February 1308**

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