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June 2010 Weddings

Bridal Diapers! WTF???

Okay I saw this and had to share:


Has anyone actually worn one on their wedding day or plan to wear one?  I have seriously never heard of this before!

Re: Bridal Diapers! WTF???

  • I mean it's kind of like when Yang/Grey wore diapers to get into a long surgery.. haha

    But no, I would be highly uncomfortable.
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  • I was in diapers once in my life and that's the only time I hope I'll ever be in them.
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  • Ew crazy!! I agree with the writer, there are ways to work around using diapers!!!! Even pretty frilly ones!!!! I actually (SOMEHOW!) went pee by myself! I was embarrassed to ask anybody to help, so I figured I'd try it, and it worked ok, didn't pee on my dress! :-D
  • That's just sick!
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  • I would never wear such a thing! I just held it throughout my wedding and reception until I got to the hotel that night.
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  • That's just wrong.

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  • Oh... My... Lord!!!!!!!! I'm a CNA. I KNOW what those things smell like after they've been used! I say if you can't maneuver your dress in the bathroom, you need a different dress! You wouldn't catch me in one of those! lol
  • LMAO! How can the wedding industry top this? (I was seriously LOLing reading this.)
  • Eww!  How could someone bring themselves to use it.
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  • I can kinda understand (barely) the logic behind them, but would NEVER use them. I would feel so weird if I peed and just had it sitting there for another few hours. Yeah that's freaking me out...no thanks.
  • Amberpro- I'm with you!  I could never actually let myself start peeing in the middle of the reception or something.  So gross.  And can you imagine FI's face when you change out of your dress at the end of the night?  Hahaha.  Yuck-o.
  • Also, how would you go about doing it??  Just start peeing while you're in conversation with one of your guests??  I just don't get it. 
  • GROSSSS!!! i peed several times before the ceremony and just didn't drink enough to need to go until after the wedding. i normally pee like every hour on the hour so i was a little concerned, but it was just fine. also my gown wasn't ginormous.
  • LMFAO I'm picturing a bride going to the corner like toddlers do to do their business without everyone watching.... HAHAHAHAHHAAH I could never have peed during my reception! Ew, and then sitting in a wet diaper for hours.... Yum!!!
  • Could you imagine the look on a groom's face when he's undressing his newlywed wife in their hotel room and finds a diaper instead of some sexy panties? Talk about a buzz kill.
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