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June 2010 Weddings

Bathroom Poll

Dont worry nothing gross.

I am curious, what colors are you planning to do your bathroom or bathrooms? Right now we have a mixture of things and have kinda switched colors around but I plan to coordinate every bathroom when we register. So, just curious on your color combinations.

Re: Bathroom Poll

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    Right now ours is blue, brown and white. I plan on switching out the brown for gray in the registry, and I'm registering for a whole different color set, as well.

    If we get all of the towels that we register for we can switch out our colors:
    brown and light blue
    dark gray and light blue
    brown and green

    (I like to switch my colors up pretty often) And yeah, we have just 1 bathroom- our house is 80 years old. We're hoping to put another in the basemetn next year.
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  • Our little bathroom is apple green and brown. We are registering for a mix of both colors for our towels.   My big bathroom is a soft seafoam green and white.  We registered for seafoam green towels.
  • well, we're moving somewhere (don't know where yet! AHH) in the fall so it's hard to plan home-stuff.

    We registered for tanish and sage-y green towels though!
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  • Right now the guest bath is a light turquoise, lemon yellow, beige, and cream.  Mostly stripes.  Our bath is navy blue and yellow to work around a print of Starry Night.  I want to redo our bathroom, though, since I've had that scheme for almost 8 years now. 
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  • We've got a light blue light green thing going on. I want to change it to bolder colors when we register(ugh I dont want to register).
  • we're going for blue (sort of dark, but not quite navy) and gray.
  • The reason I ask is because in our last apt we had 2 bathrooms the main one was brown and light blue. The other one was just our old towels. Now our house has 2 1/2 baths. The main one downstairs has that same brown and light blue and upstiairs we have navy blue. I am not sure what to do with the third bathroom yet but wanna add another color to the master which is all navy blue right now.

  • Ours now is black and red.  But if we get what we registered for it will be tan and chocolate brown.
  • Not having a place with FI yet I registered for something neutral of black, white and silver. At my house though we have two bathrooms...the first is beige, brown and green. And the 2nd is white, black, and a dark blue/purple really pretty!
  • we only have one bathroom. right now its like seafoam green tile with black trim, green floors, pink tub and off-white toilet and sink. i hate it and we're redoing it completely as soon as we have the money (after the wedding of course). we registered for off-white, tan, and slate blue things because we want to keep it neutral-ish. the new bathroom will probably be slate blue.
  • We just redid the bathroom last year and we like it.

    And since it's the only full bath in the house, we don't have another one to redo.  Once we move, we can have more bathroom fun.
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    Back in June 2010...
  • Black and red. This was a compromise from gray and purple. Our accessories will be a silver color.
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  • We close on our new house March 26th. The master bathroom now is a nice light blue which we will keep and add slate grey touches like with the towels and shower curtain.

  • I registered for a green and brown set(s). I like the earthy colors for a bathroom and we use blue for our bedroom. As far as the walls go we live in an apt on campus so they are a cream color.
  • FI's colorblind so I can do whatever I want!  I always tell him what colors I'm picking, he always says no to pink (whether it looks pink to him I'll never know).

    I love bright bathrooms, right now ours is black, red & purple, due to our old scruffy towels handed down from our mothers.  I registered for bright purple & blue, but am keeping our nice black shower curtain and registered for black metal accessories (trash can, toothbrush holder, etc.) to tone it down a bit!
  • Haha, I'm too much in the day of the wedding mindset.  There had been previous discussion about bathroom baskets and I was worried that you guys were coordinating the ceremony/reception bathrooms with your colors!

    FI and I have a beautiful sage green shower curtaing that is sheer with satiny vines and leaves.  To go off of that our colors are the sage green, a sandy color, and really dark wood.  We registered for green and chocolate brown towels and washclothes, dark wood accessories [trash can, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, etc.], and art that incorporates the colors.
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