How many hotel rooms to block for guests?

We are expecting 175 guests at our wedding. About 75 of them are from out of town (I am not from the Philly area). How many rooms would you block?

We have 30 rooms blocked so far - we planned to add 15 more when they filled. But the extra rooms are completely booked now. We are giving priority to our bridal party/family - but the last thing I want to do is inconvenience family friends that are driving 4 hours to celebrate.

There is one more hotel nearby but it's not nearly as nice. We planned a breakfast/shuttle for guests and havin 2 hotels makes this tricky. Advice?
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Re: How many hotel rooms to block for guests?

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    As long as your not responsible for rooms that arent picked up, I would block more than less. If the hotel sells out you wont be able to get anymore rooms. If rooms are not picked up by your guests they will just be released ffor general sell. Does that make sense?
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    I would put your hotel info on your website and perhaps email everyone. 
    Maybe have 2-3 hotels.   Not everyone wants to spend as much money anyway, so find another one at a different price point if you can.  

    I have gone to several weddings and stayed at different hotels.  
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    As far as the shuttle I would talk to the hotels as many have shuttles you can use.  

    For the next day breakfast I would just think poeple can make their way to one hotel.  

    I would also make the point of telling people that they need to get themselves in gear if they need the rooms, which I know is easier said than done.  
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    I looked at 3 hotels. Each one would only let me block a max of 20 rooms and told me that if I needed more, it would depend on the availability. Fortunately I don't think I'll need more than that, but I would suggest telling your guests to book ASAP in case you do need to add more.

    Also, the hotel I picked offers a free hot breakfast. None of the hotels I looked at offered a shuttle service but all work closely with area companies.
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    I had the same numbers you did 175 total, 75 from out of town.  To get around the issue, I sent an email to my relatives and close friends prior to our invites even going out that they can begin blocking rooms, giving them the code and rates, and suggested that they could make reservations now because the area was known for booking up.  I emailed the hotel two weeks after sending the original email and all of the rooms (20) had already filled.  I added 20 more to the block prior to the invites going out so that no one had a problem getting a room.  In total, we picked up 34 rooms (many of our friends decided to spend the night).

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