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June 2010 Weddings


I'm going back and fourth on whether or not to order personalized napkins for the cocktail hour. 

The thought of spending the money to have it thrown out bugs me. 

How many of you girls are getting them and what's the cheapest site you've found them on? 

Re: Napkins

  • No, I'm not.  I have spent so much money already! I agree it's just another thing & not having them no one will notice.
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  • I went back and forth for several weeks on whether or not to have personalized napkins (for the same reason- cost of something that is going to get thrown out) but ended up getting some and I'm really glad that I did.  I bought ours from Invitations By Dawn (www.invitationsbydawn.com) and was extremely happy with the result.  I had searched several different sites and found this site to have reasonable prices, a great color selection and lots of different monogram & ink color options.  It cost about $40 for 200 of the beverage size napkins- we're going to use them when we serve the cake. 

    After I bought them I was talking with a good friend of mine and she was happy to hear I had gotten them, apparently she keeps one from every wedding she attends, so it's possible they won't just get used and then thrown away.
  • We got ours from www.rexcraft.com. They were having a deal at the time - buy 100 napkins, get 100 free.  And we got free shippping!  They do that pretty often, it might be worth a try to check them out!
  • I don't really care about them, but my mom is obsessed with getting them for some reason. I'm going to the woman who did our invitations (she's in Maine). have you checked out the ones on here? or wholesalefavors.com?
  • I purchased mine from TK in 2 different colors with silver lettering. They have not arrived yet, should be anytime, but I read some of the reviews and they were pretty good. TK was the cheapest at the time bc they have lowered their prices to $17.99 for 100. Shipping was like $10 I think. I wish I would have know that rexcraft was having that free shipping....oh well.
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  • MissySue- I actually broke down and bought the peacock ones from the Knot.

    After searching they were the lowest price I found.  I wish I had known about the Rexcraft sale too, ah well. 

    I spoke to my mom and she thought it was best that I order them and after seeing what you girls had to say I thought I better too. 

    Enough spending money for today :(

  • I bought them too...there was a sale on them last summer from TK and I caved.  The quality is good.  I bought the aqua with black ink and then brown with silver ink. 
  • I bought mine from an Etsy seller BellaBrideDesigns. Not the cheapest price, but I had to have the "Welcome to Boston" ones for my RD.
  • I got napkins.. I got some personalized through theamericanwedding.com cute hot pink ones! :D They have some really neat designs... but no specials right now that I'm aware of...  I got some plain beverage napkins at our Hobby Lobby for really cheap for the cake : )
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  • amlowamlow
    I got them on sale thru TK. They were my first purchase when we got engaged. I got the Double Happiness in red with gold lettering. Love Them. Must remember to dig them out of the closet where they have been hiding for months.
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