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I just read your response to my hotel venue vent. It makes me feel better that you went through the same thing and were able to work something out. I was in hysterics yesterday too.

What hotel did you have your guests stay at the provided a shuttle? I am out on the Main Line, but also looking into hotels in the KOP/Conshy area where you said you were.

Thanks so much!
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    Our wedding was at the Crowne Plaza Valley Forge.... The second hotel was the Fairfield Hotel and the last hotel was Holiday Inn Express.... All of the guests said all three hotels were nice.

    I was in hysterics too! I was on the phone like a crazy person... then we had to call each and every guest to inform them if they wanted a room they needed to book RIGHT NOW! It all worked out in the end though...
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    Did the hotel that messed up your block do anything to remedy the situation? or offer you anything to make you less PO-ed?
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