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If your taking engagement photos, and your putting them on your STD... when should you take the photos? How soon ? Im not sure how long it takes for photos to come back and then ya have to choose which one you want to use...  How soon did you guys take ur engagement photos ?

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    I am taking mine in August, but will not be using them for the STD. My photog says it will take a few days. During my meetings with photographers I was quoted anywhere from a few days to six months to get e-pics back.

    I think your most accurate answer will come from your photog.
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    a.lemma4a.lemma4 member
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    Ditto to what Jelybean said. All photogs are different. My e-pics took 3 weeks to get back but one of my friends waited 3 months.
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    CaitC21CaitC21 member
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    I agree with all PP my photog said about 6 weeks.
    However he said it could vary depending on the season we do them in, peak wedding season or not...

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    ButtonsPepperButtonsPepper member
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    My photog was great about it, and within days sent me 3 pictures that she edited that she thought were the best, and if I dind't like them she'd pick three others... that way I could get stuff mailed out.

    So see what your photog. says and then plan around that.
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