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I made a Bridal appointment with Bridals by Danielle. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I think I want a mermaid type gown like the Marisa 874. Anyone want to share their dress shopping experiences? Did you go by yourself, if not who did you take with you to the appointment?
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  • Dress shopping was fun. The first time I went I brought my mom and one of my BM.  The second (and final) time I brought my MOH and mom.  One suggestion though, don't  go to more than 1 bridal salon a day I was exhausted but found my gown so I guess that's a plus :-)
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  • I took my mom and sister (MOH) to all 3 salons. Just my mom came when I ordered. It was so exhausting! But be open to all styles. The bridal consultants really know what they are doing and know what flatters each body type so if they suggest something you may not have considered trying on, try it. You might be surprised!
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  • Thank you for those suggestions!

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  • Ditto what Jely said! My dress was one the consultant pulled that I would never have pulled for myself, and I LOVE it! Good luck and have fun! :)
  • I went with my mom and my girls (just a MOH and 1 BM). Only went to 1 place, tried on about 7 or 8 dresses, and the dress I bought ended up being the 3rd I tried on.

    I agree with jelybean - trust the consultant and be open to what they suggest. You never know!
  • Am a MOB; I went w/my daughter and her MOH.  She tried on five dresses, picked one out that day.  I was a little leary about not shopping around more, but what can I say? She picked out the one I liked best... w/no input from me, so I guess I'd best not complain! I think she bought it a little early but it was on sale and what woman can resist a sale? 
  • I brought my mother and 2 sisters as well as my future mother in law and 2 future sister-in-law.  Since my grandmother bought my veil, she came as well.  Normally I would be afraid to take that many people but my family tends to be a bit more laid-back and it provided an awesome opportunity to bridge the gap and allow the ladies in my family to build relationships with each other.  Good dress shops will do a bit of an interview with you before you try on gowns to understand what the vision you have for your wedding is.  They may have dress suggestions that you never would have thought of.  Good luck!
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