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July 2010 Weddings

Planning rut

Does anyone else feel like they are in a planning rut??  I was doing really well, but with the start of school quickly approaching I have not done anything wedding related in weeks.  I have been reading about so many people getting things checked off of their lists and I just feel like a bum!  Anyone else having this problem or am I the only slacker??
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Re: Planning rut

  • I feel the same way.  I haven't done much in the past month because I have been getting everything together for school.  I just keep telling myself that I have time!!!!!
  • Oh Yes!! I havent done anything in weeks and now its making me nervous!
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    me too! Especially since this whole house thing has begun! And now school is starting too! Luckily, i did get a major head start- there are only 2 vendors left to book
  • I feel ya! I was hoping to have all of my tissue paper cut for my pomanders by the end of the month... NOT DONE! And, that scares me because I don't want to be panicking when the wedding gets closer! AHHH!
  • ME! I am in the house hunt right now, so wedding planning is on the backburner for me as well! So you're not alone :)

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  • At least you have a list I dont even have a all of my ideas together... I have all of my vendors booked but havent talk to them about anything... We dont even have our e-pics done or booked at least my uncle is doing them and is pretter flexible for us... plus my FI is always working so it makes it hard
  • I was in a planning rut up until the beginning of August... now I've gotten so much done I don't really know what to work on next. One thing at a time!
  • We booked the church, reception hall and honeymoon right away, but now I'm working on caterers and its such a slow process! It seems like they never have appointments right away to meet with me, then you have to compare them, get proposals, go to tastings, etc. I'm definitely in a rut, and school starts tomorrow! Eek!
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  • I haven't done anything since we closed on our house.  I decided I wanted to make my own veil... then I never got started on it.  I have a fitting for my gown next week (because I broke the zipper.. oops) and I'm supposed to bring my veil & I didn't even buy material yet!!!!  Oh well, I'm having a blast turning my house into a "home"
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