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July 2010 Weddings

BM dresses - need opinions, please!

Hi ladies, I went shopping on Saturday from BM dresses (with my 2 MOHs), and it was not a success. I was planning to do some light shade of green, but because it's now the end of summer, the stores are only showing dark fall/winter colors. I wish I had the option to wait until spring to pick the dresses, but I'm a tax accountant, so I will have NO time to do any shopping or planning from January 15 - April 15th. So, I'm thinking I'll change my color scheme. Maybe have the BMs pick out a little black dress (always easy to find), and just do brightly colored bouquets. But here's where I need opinions - do you think that black BM dresses would be too severe for a July wedding? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: BM dresses - need opinions, please!

  • Where did you go shopping at? If you are looking for a wide range of colors year round you could check into David's Bridal. I know there are tales out there of receiving bad customer service, but they do have a wide variety of colors to choose from. However, I love the idea of doing black dresses and I think that's becoming more and more common. Even if you do choose black dresses, you don't need to change your color scheme. Maybe have them where a sash in your color. Or have the bouquets be your color. The guys could wear your color on the vests. Your BMs would probably love you for choosing a black dress also because it will more than likely be a dress they can wear again. Good luck!
  • What about doing black dresses with a green sash? I think that would look really nice, and if the sash is removable, the dress they could (really!) wear again. [url]<a href="http://pics.boards.weddingbee.com/12232.bm_dresses.jpg.resize" rel='nofollow'>http://pics.boards.weddingbee.com/12232.bm_dresses.jpg.resize</a>[/url]
  • I was in a wedding earlier this month where we (the bridesmaids) wore knee-length, halter-style black dresses. They looked pretty good and I think everyone was happy with them ... plus they were only around $100 from David's Bridal, can't beat that :)
  • In addition to David's, I'd try a few other options - namely some local bridal boutiques (like where you got/are planning to get your dress - sometimes they offer discounts to your BMs) or a place like David's or Demetrios or Alfred Angelo. For some reason they always have the dress samples in the worst possible colors, but they're available to order in a ton of differents shades - just ask for a swatch book or swatch card to see the actual dress color. I do love the idea of LBDs though! :) GL!
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  • I went to a wedding in June and they wore black and it was beautiful.  Also, I'm having chocolate brown dresses which is traditionally considered a "fall" color...but I love them so I don't care!  I am having pink flowers to lighten it up.
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  • I'm having black BM dresses and my wedding is in July...so I think its completely fine :) My color will be in the boquets...pink and orange so the flowers will really pop against the dress. I think if you really want the light shade of green to look a little more but if you can't find what you're looking for go for the black!
  • I've seen three summer weddings with bridesmaids dresses in black...they were all knee length and really flowy, I'm pretty sure chiffon. It looked very elegant, but still fun because the flowers stood out so much!
  • Dessy.com has really awesome black dresses.
  • We're doing black dresses. I don't think they're too severe - black dresses are classic and look good in any situation. Just make sure they aren't floor length - that could be really hot for July! However, I think you could still find a green dress. Check out designers that do BM dresses (David's Bridal, Alfred Angelo, Dessy, etc.) They usually have tons of colors to pick from in lots of different shades.
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  • We are also doing black dresses in July. I wanted something that my girls would all feel comfortable in and may be be able to use again. I think it is elegant and classic, not all too severe. If you are looking for short and casual, try JCrew bridal. GL! 
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  • Don't know if it will help or if its the style you're going for, but if you check my bio there is a pic of the dress that my BMs are probably going to wear (the pic is in black and so was the sample they tried on, but we're not doing black) It was stunning on all of my girls (there are 8 ranging from sizes 2-18). Its a James Clifford and is pretty affordable, really high quality. Nice and light for a July wedding too :)
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