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Dress alterations-LONG

So I found my dress two weeks ago while shopping with my MOH for her dress(Yay!) and my family came up to visit this weekend and we bought it (Yay!). Well, it is from David's Bridal. I have heard so many awful things about them, that I never imagined finding anything or let alone buying it from them. Even though I love my dress and I didn't have any problem customer service wise, I am having some doubts about the store and how they handle the alterations of the dress. They ask you to give a date you are "comfortable" with in regards to when you want your dress done with alterations and hanging in your closet. Our wedding is July 2nd, so I told them 2 months out would be ideal, so May 2nd is my "comfortable" date. Apparently, they are so busy that it takes 4 months for them to alter a dress. I also only get one fitting. So basically, I will get fitted in early January and have to maintain my weight and shape exactly for 6 months! Every pound I want to loose would have to be done before then, which means that the holiday season will kinda suck. If for some reason the dress didn't fit right when I got it back (May 2nd) they could try and rush to fix it, but I would have to pay for alterations all over again. I should also mention that when I was there on Saturday I talked to the alterations girl and she didn't exactly make me feel comfortable about it. I have a rather large chest and I had to order a Women's 16 to fit them in and will need the rest of the dress taken in to about a regular 12. It is all lace and beads and I was concerned about how everything would match back up after cutting it. She never really answered my question and just told me the price that I would be paying, even after I told her 3 times that price didn't matter. Is this policy normal? I always thought that I would have about 2 or 3 fittings and that it would certainly not take 4 months to alter once. It just really makes me nervous, especially since she didn't really answer my questions about how it would look. On the other hand, I am also uneasy about taking my dress to an outside tailer because if they mess it up, they obviously will not replace my dress like DB would do. What should I do?

Re: Dress alterations-LONG

  • I haven't heard great things about DB alterations... overpriced and it's not always quality work. I would take your dress home, find a local seamstress, and set up your fittings with her. Even though my weight never really changes, I don't want to have my dress 'done' until 1-2 months out.
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    I agree with pp because really even if they "Guarantee" that if they mess up your dress will be replaced, would you trust them to alter all over again? Ask for a reputable gown tailor on your local board and take it there..... I would be uneasy about only one fitting.
  • It is my understanding that DB is not the place to get alterations. I would post on your local board to find out who is good, less expensive, and faster than 4 months.
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  • I agree to take your dress elsewhere. I bought my dress at DB and had a great experience. My consultant also suggested I take my dress somewhere to get altered instead of having it done there which is what I did. Its safe in my moms closet! They are WAY overpriced and I wouldnt trust them for that.
  • I don't know anything about David's Bridal as we don't have them up here.  However, the idea of having only one fitting would not sit well with me at all.  There are so many little alterations that need to be done that can't be done all at once.I would ask your local and get recommendations for other seamstresses.  This is an item that you are paying a lot of money for.  You need to know and feel comfortable with the fact that it is being taken care of properly.
  • Don't go to DB -- find a great seamstress in your area.  They will do a great job and you will be happier b/c you won't be worrying for six months about gaining/losing a pound.My dress has a lot of bead on the bodice too (picture below) and I asked the same question from the bridal store I bought it from.  They told me it would not be a problem and they have ways of making it all look seamless, even with the beading and details.  Please do not stress! :0)[img]<a href="http://i486.photobucket.com/albums/rr228/mscutieri/dress.jpg" rel='nofollow'>http://i486.photobucket.com/albums/rr228/mscutieri/dress.jpg</a>[/img]
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  • I agree with all pp's. You should take your dress elsewhere to be altered. That is too long a span of time from your fitting to your wedding. I am having 2 fittings, then a third to try on the finished product. If it needs further alterations, they will do it. I am not going in for my first fitting until May and the dress will be ready about 2 weeks before the wedding. Also, I would feel more confident about having the lace and beadwork moved if I were dealing with an experienced tailor. Good luck!
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  • Oohoooh let me tell you. DO NOT let DB do your alterations!!!! My cousin was in a similar situation a few years ago when she got married...loved the dress, great customer service...but she had so many problems with their alterations department, it nearly ruined her wedding day! She went to try her dress on a week before the wedding, and it didn't fit anywhere! She took it back to have it fixed, and didn't get the dress back until the morning of her wedding. Luckily it fit then....but DB charged her more for all the alterations than they did for the dress. I'm getting my dress at DB too, but I'm taking it to a local tailor who I can go to for as many fittings as I need to, and won't charge me an arm and a leg if something needs to be changed.
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  • Not to be redundant, but I've also heard the DB is not the place to go for alterations. I got my dress at DB, but will definitely go somewhere else for fittings and alterations.

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  • i would NOT get your alterations done there!!  if she could not make you feel comfortable about the lacing and beading still looking nice, that means SHE is not sure that she can do it.  NO NO NO NO NO!!!  my dress is 100% lace/beaded applique.  100%.. not an empty space on it, and they assured me over and over again that the dress can be taken in and not disrupt the design of the gown.  If she did not make you comfortable, take your dress and go somewhere else!  Not sure about the ones by you- but the ones by me are known for being horrible with alterations and girls getting their dresses back with stains on them.  ANd davids has done nothing to help fix the stains or anything. 
  • Thanks girls! I think I always knew what I was going to do, but just wanted some reassurance. I am for sure going somewhere else now. I'm glad to know that I am not crazy in thinking that their policies are not the norm. Now I can site my "friends" and their experiences to my mother when I tell her that I am taking it somewhere else. Glad that I have online friends like you!!! You are the best!!!
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