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July 2010 Weddings

Checking in...

I am just popping in as I need to get addresses off my guest list! I am sorry I have been totally MIA! My sister flew in my china and my bachelorette and shower were over the weekend!! I am beat, I just got done righting all my thank yous!!! any way everything was great and I hope to get pics up soon. I miss you all terribly and I promise after the wedding I'm all yours!!!!!
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Re: Checking in...

  • Can't wait to see the pictures! Go you on having all of the thank-yous done already!!
  • Busy lady!! I can't wait to hear stories!! I know you are super busy and everything so we'll def talk to you after. Don't forget to come on and do your last single lady post! I'm so excited!!
  • can't wait to see pics. glad everything went great =) & we miss you too busy lady =)
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  • Wow, way to go on the thank you's - you're quick!!!
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  • AHHH! It's getting so close!! I can't wait to see pictures and you BETTER get on here and do your single lady post so that we can all say congrats and good luck!! =) so excited for you!
  • ahh! we miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lot! once Labor Day is over and your wedding too, we need to plan a G2G with Karen, for sure!! The summer has been crazy for me, I'm sorry we didn't get to it sooner!!but I know your wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to see pictures!!!!! and for sure do your Last Single Lady post!!
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  • you're so lucky your wedding is soooo close!  Have fun these last couple weeks enjoy every second.  Can't wait to see pics!
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