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How Did You Meet?

I was curious, how did everyone meet their FI?  I always love to hear about the different ways people meet and fall in love.  It's also a great way for us to learn more about each other.


Might seem slightly odd, but we met on Myspace.  Nearly two years ago I had a public profile on myspace and this goofy looking guy messaged me. 'How are you?'.  I answered considering it was the least offensive message anyone had ever sent on Myspace.  We went back and forth for about a month before we exchanged numbers and started texting.  One week later he texted me about a great restarant I should try.  Followed by a 'We could go together on Wednesday'  which was immediately followed by 'It Doesn't have to be a Date'  I accepted thinking maybe we would just be friends.  We had a great time and one month later we were a couple.  6 months later we moved in together and a year after that we got engaged.

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    Awww!! Really great stories fellow knotties! I'm new to the board (and posting on any of the boards actually) and am really excited to be sharing a wedding month with such cool-sounding ladies!

    We were actually introduced by my best friend (and matron of honor's) mother. WARNING < complicated description ahead! /> My best friend's mother worked with this lady (now my FMIL) . For several years my friend's mom thought that this woman's son and I would be perfect together but he used to be engaged and I was in a 5 1/2 year long relationship so she didn't want to introduce us and rock the boat at all. Eventually his engagement didn't work out and my relationship fell apart. After a few months, my best friend called me and asked if I'd want to exchange emails with this guy, Brett. We started emailing (I was in PA he was in IN) and from there we were soon chatting on gchat, then talking on the phone. He came back to PA in October and we started dating. We knew early on that as he says, "no one else worked with us because we were waiting for each other." This past July we got engaged in the middle of a hike. Smile
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    As soon as I read the first few stories on here Im suprised that we arent the only ones that met online. I was on myspace(when it was popular) and I saw that my FI posted his number on his profile so I proceeded to text him. We text back and forth for a few weeks and then we decided it was time that we finally meet. Up until just recently my mom thought that I met my FI through one of our mutual friends. We started dating after hanging out a few times. We have been inseperable since. We have been together for almost two years now=] Just got our own place and are planning for our wedding next july. Which the date we chose will be our 3 year anniversary=]
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