stupid (?) question about license

Hey girls,
This may be a dumb question, but do we need to make an appointment to get our marriage license? Or do we just show up? FI and I are planning to head over to the one in Norristown and I just wanted to make sure...
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Re: stupid (?) question about license

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    Just show up - Although I would call first to verify the times, because my local court had certain days you could not do it on.
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    You can just show up.  Make sure you get there on time though, because they are no joke about closing at 4:00.

    JEGs and I just got ours on Friday--  our weddings are getting so close Madam A!!
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    we got ours in norristown, and we just showed up...twice.  i forgot my ID the first time like an idiot.  amerbutt's not kidding though.  they're tough on that 4:00.  if it doesnt  look like they'll be DONE by 4 they won't take you. 

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    Yikes! Ok thanks, ladies!!

    And Amer - It is CRAZY! =)
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