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July 2010 Weddings

AMAZING day!! (and week) (now PIP)

Well, an amazing weekend, really!!   I can't believe we are already married!   Last week feels like a dream. 

Wednesday night most of the girls and I went for mani-pedis and then to dinner.   My youngest niece had a blast getting her first pedicure while drinking a shirley temple :)

Thursday we had our final runthrough at the reception venue and my husband (wow) and I were able to practice our dance.  I had to stop at a couple stores and then pick up my dress after that. I went back to my parents house, worked on our place cards for a minute or two (or 60), then it was off to the rehearsal. The actual rehearsal was great,  the dinner was awesome.  My in-laws both gave toasts- and both made us cry!  The rehearsal was the first time our families really had a chance to spend time together (other than with our parents),  and we had a great time.  We went to a local watering hole afterwards to continue the good times.  

Everything the day off was perfect!!   Most of the girls and I had our hair done in the morning,  I think the photographer was at my house by the time I got home.  I had one slight freak out when I thought the bra totally showed- but my aunts fixed it. We were ready by 12:45, right when the boys arrived.   We did a first look in front of a fountain downtown- and it was awesome.   I loved sharing that moment with just my husband. We then had a whirlwind tour of downtown Cleveland for pictures...   our limobus driver was less than stellar and got lost a couple of times.   Even my 10-year old niece questioned where the heck he was going!

The wedding mass was everything I hoped for.   The music, the readings, the homily, the vows, wow.   Everyone who was there said it was the best wedding mass they had been to.  We took a few pictures at the church and took a very circuitous route to the reception.   I looked up when I saw a sign for a business that I knew was in the opposite direction-  and we were going east instead of going northwest.

We had a slight concert theme to the reception- and my brother suprised us by having a friend of his sketch some concert posters for our wedding!   It was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the venue!   The whole night was amazing.  I know I keep saying that, but it was.   The best man's speech was great.   He revealed some things I didn't know :)   My maid of honor's speech was equally as great. She had us play the newlywed game- and had us all laughing.    I was really worried before the wedding that people would leave early b/c of the band (very specific taste- irish punk-  but they played more traditional stuff early on, faster stuff later).  Everyone loved the band!  People still danced. My husband and I danced a ton. The band had never played a wedding before- and they kept saying how much fun they had afterwards!   All of a sudden it was the end of the night.  We had fully intended on heading to the hotel for our first night being married... but we ended up going to the bar with everyone after the reception.  I don't have any pictures yet, but I will post some soon!

On Saturday we had a picnic for everyone from out of town- which was also fun!  The weather was perfect.   We had an Cleveland (people over 40s, a 22 year old, and 6 kids between 10 and 17) Chicago (everyone in their 30s) softball game. The Cleveland team held their own- and all my Chicago friends were impressed with my nieces and nephews athletic skills! And of course we ended with Honey Hut ice cream (b/c what's a baseball game without ice cream after?)  Saturday night (after a nap and opening presents) we went out yet again...    and got to see even more people I barely had time to talk to at the wedding. One cool thing- one of my cousin's presented me with a scrapbook- complete with pictures from the wedding!!  They had the pages layed out- and knew they needed certain shots... so we have an album already completed :)

Sunday we had a nice breakfast at the hotel (thanks to the housekeeping staff for throwing out our wedding cake and setting the alarm for 5:30 am..  the front desk comped us the brunch buffet).   Went back to my parents, packed up the cars,  and four hours after we planned to, we left for Chicago.    Today is back to reality for my husband- he's already at work!

Hope everyone had as wonderful days as we did!

The group shot- with the Brown's stadium in the background.

Me- looking out the window at my soon to be husband!

Our "first look" spot...  we were so glad we did this!  The rest of the day was not as rushed and we just enjoyed it.

One last one for now-  hopefully we will have more soon!

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Re: AMAZING day!! (and week) (now PIP)

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