My trip home- TSA/ PHL international

So when we arrived at Heathrow I had to walk really far to the check in where a really nice lady brought us to the side and didn't make us wait.  
She also upgraded us from economy to premium economy in the bulkhead so I could put my foot up on the baby chair thing.  

She called a wheelchair and then I had to walk really far to sit down, the wheelchair took 45 minutes to get to us!  We wanted to eat on the other side of security.  There were no nudie pictures machines and everyone was very nice to me, at this point I could not stand without my crutches for very long so I sat and they tested my cast for explosives.  

Then we were dropped at a waiting area until they were ready to get us for our flight. 

I was worried about PHL and TSA to be honest.  Usually PHL international is great, since it's so small and I leave at night security is short and check in is fast.  Also arrival is great because there are lots of immigration officers and not too many flights (usually).  Over all I give it an A+.

I was worried about the nudie picture machines though and going through with the casts etc, I really didn't know what to expect after reading so much about everything online.  

I have to say it was amazing.  I got out of the car with my Tiny Tim crutches and a guy came right over to me with a wheelchair.  FI went to get a free cart as I refuse to pay $4 when you can walk inside and get one for nada.  FI comes back we load our 200 lbs of luggage.  We had one person in front of us checking in, FI tried to get us upgraded, we were already in premium economy, no go.  Then the guy took us through security no one was there.  There were 3 ladies that helped me through and it turns out you never have to remove a medical device, I asked if I should take off the shoe thing that covers my cast.  

The ladies were so nice they helped me walk while my crutches went through the x-ray and told me everything they were going to do to me, swab me etc.  They asked laughed when I told them how I broke my foot and then helped me to my wheels.  

The guy took us to the flight to wait, we boarded early with the kids, it took me awhile to walk down the ramp.  

So over all well done Philadelphia International.  

Re: My trip home- TSA/ PHL international

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    I wish there was a 'like' button on TK.

    I've always been impressed with PHLI used to live 5 minutes from there, so it's the airport we've used my whole life. (We used to fly to florida 2x a year till I was 7, then a few times after, once to Cali) I'm glad you had something positive to say about the TSA- I'm so over hearing everyone complain! And that's awesome about them helping you through everything and not having to take off any medical devices. :)

    Glad you had a safe trip!
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    Glad it wasn't a bad experience like you hear so often about.  They should have upgraded you though :)
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