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July 2010 Weddings

To Do List...

I made a list today of everything that still needed to be one for the wedding and I got scared! I have tons left to do and feel like there isn't going to be enough time!!!

Is it bad that I added something to the list that I had already done so that I could check something off?!?!

Re: To Do List...

  • Haha, I love lists and I make sure to add completed things to the lists, too. It just makes ya feel good!

    My mom was "yelling" at me tonight to get going again on the invites, so I am dedicating a few hours to that tomorrow.

    Set due dates for yourself- it makes lists much more manageable!
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  • It can be scary when you see what you have left to do. My suggestion is to do one thing at a time bit by bit, so that you dont have a lot to do at once. Last night I printed off our basic invitation (I bought DIY pocketfolds from Michaels) and tied the ribbon around it and glued it into the pocketfold. It took a few hours, but will save time later down the road. I also picked up my garters the other day.
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