Bridal Shower Today

Today FI's family is throwing another shower for us, this time on FI's dads side of the family.  I am not really that excited, just because earlier this week FI told his mom that we're moving to Pa, which is 10 hours away from where we are in Ohio and she wasn't happy.  So I hope that she's still not pissed.  I'll give an update when I get back.
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Re: Bridal Shower Today

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    Put the worries behind you and just have fun today!

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    Have a great time!
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    Hi Girls!  I have been busy all day so I just got time to go on here.  I did put my fears behind me actually.  We got there and FI's grandma was setting things up, I finished helping her out.  She held the shower at a restaurant out here with a buffet breakfast.  All the ladies arrived, including FI's mom.  She was really nice and she didn't say anything to me about us moving to Pa, so that was good.  FI told me after the shower that he told his grandmom about us moving, she told him she figured we might move back to Pa so I can care for my grandma, so she's not upset at all.

    Anyways, it was a really good shower, a lot of fun.  I always have a good time with FI's family, they're all soo nice, have great sense of humors and love to joke around.  All in all, it was a great time, thanks for the encouragement girls :)

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    So glad everything worked out and you got to enjoy your day!
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