Saw the post about your fridge/range .. I just had a huge battle with our home warranty company to get our fridge replaced.  Just curious, who's your warranty company?  I definitely want to drop mine when my free year is up and if yours is good about fixing your stuff let me know so I can consider switching to them if I decide to keep a home warranty.

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    i'm pretty sure we have american home shield.  this will be our first experience with them and i really hope it’s a good one.

    i'm sorry to hear about your fridge, but it's def a plus that it's covered.  apparently, ours is not (but when i got the call about them sending out the repair people, the girl i spoke with said they'd send someone out to check the fridge and range).

    would you mind elaborating a little more on the argument you had to get your fridge replaced?  sounds like a pain, but it seems like it worked out.

    i'll keep you posted on my experience, although i'm pretty sure we're going to wait to have a repair person come out.  i really can’t justify missing work for this (and neither can fi), especially when there is like a five hour window.

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