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July 2010 Weddings

so close to crying...

So my aunt offered to do my flowers a few months ago, and I said fantastic.  I budgeted the amount that she told me to.  Well now here we are a week away, and she sends me a text message to let me know that it's going to be three times the amount that she told me to.  And then she claimed that I didn't tell her the right number of things, so it's actually going to be even more than that!  

So now I am stuck because I hadn't budgeted all that extra funding for flowers because she gave me the price early on.  And obviously our budget is squishy right now because of all the last-minute wedding stuff we've had to pick up. 

Now I guess I have to find a new florist who will be willing to work with what I can afford.  How does this happen ONE WEEK before our wedding?  UUUGH.

Re: so close to crying...

  • oh, i am sorry!  that is frustrating!

    could you use the same florist but cut back on the size of the bouquets and centerpieces?  or use less of an expensive flower?  these are some ways to lower the cost and still get what you want!  

    good luck!  let us know what happens.
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  • Do you have in writing what was supposed to be included in the quote your aunt gave you? 

    Could you scale down what your aunt is doing (centerpieces, smaller bouquets, less expensive flowers) so that you could still use your aunt but at a price you can afford.

    Try some of the grocery stores in your area.  Surprisingly their floral depts can do great things with a budget. 
  • No I  have nothing in writing because it was my aunt, who is crafty, does floral stuff on her own, but isn't a florist, persay.  I'm just going to DIY the boutonnieres using a feather idea, which goes with the rest of our decor, and shop around for some last-minute florists tomorrow I guess!

  • good luck!
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  • A good aunt would eat the cost. That's what I would do at least. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.

  • i agree with zippity! i'm so sorry!!! :( can you DIY anything else? are silk flowers an option for you to put together? i know you only have a week left, but maybe you could do it and save on a ton of money? all our flowers were silk and everyone thought they were real (even the bees who tried to land on them haha)!
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  • Meh.  I started this DIY boutonniere project, and so far they look great.  They are black and hot-pink feathers.  I've finished three, and I can do the other three tomorrow (all for the groomsmen).  I already have the centerpieces finished for the most part and they don't really need flowers (giant martini glasses with floating candles).  I did want flowers all around the room and for the ceremony.  I am pretty confident that if I shuffle some projects and pull some long nights this weekend I can probably do my own flowers for around the room the afternoon before.  The only thing I can't do on my own are the bouquets and corsages for the moms/grandmas.  I am going to try to find another florist who can do those last minute!

    Yah, I just didn't want to throw a fit and start negotiating and haggling with my aunt.  Not worth it right now.
  • This stinks! So sorry you have to deal with this right now, but everything will work out in the end... try not to stress too much. Good luck!
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  • I had the same thing happen with the cake. At this point suck it up and pay for the flowers you don't have many other options. I'm sorry!
  • Oh wow,I'm so sorry! I would not be happy, doubling the budget is one thing, tripling it....yikes...I can't wait to hear how it worked out, I'm so sorry!
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