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July 2010 Weddings

Should I stop hating on David's Bridal?

Cause I feel like its the Target of bridesmaid dresses. As materialistic as it sounds, I actually care about people saying things like, "Seriously, you're doing David's Bridal?"

Here's the problem-- my J.Crew dress color fell through (its light green, not light blue like the website shows), I'm waiting on the "summer" colors that come out in February PRAYING they put out a robin's egg blue.

If not, I'm trying to come up with back ups and Davids Bridal sells exactly what I'm looking for (several styles of dresses in the same fabric and color)-- and its $150 cheaper than J.Crew!!!

I know this post  probably sounds super snobby and if you are doing David's Bridal, I'm NOT hating-- and I apologize for offending anyone. I really am writing this because I need help.

Anyone have any advice for places that sell:

Several styles in the same fabric and color (and I don't want shiny or strapless)

Re: Should I stop hating on David's Bridal?

  • I'm doing David's bridal - for my girls.  Here's the thing:

    I would not go there for a bridal gown.  I don't like the way they keep their bridal dresses, and I don't like the quality of their bridal fabrics.

    I used David's for my prom dress and THREE recital dresses in college, and have had NOTHING but positive experiences.  Unless you're paying for your girls' dresses, please reconsider.  David's is far more affordable, and the quality of the BM dresses is very very good.  And honestly?  No one is going to wonder where you got them the day of the wedding.  All they're going to notice is, "oh, I like that color" or "oh, that dress is flattering on her," not "oh, she went to david's bridal."
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  • ive worn their bridesmaids dresses and they were very good. i didnt want to get my wedding dress there but i tried some on there and fell in love with one (oops!). i did have to order it in my size, it came in 2 months early completely damaged (covered with pulls in the lace/beads). im 99% sure they tried to pass off a sample/floor model (what ever you call it) as my brand new ordered dress. i made them order it again and now im waiting.

    so just be warned, make sure you order them early from there so you can deal with their possible issues.

    other than that, their dresses are very nice. lol

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  • I wore a dress from DB in my friend's wedding and it was really nice and quite comfy.  I don't think anyone is going to notice that your dresses are from DB.

    My BM's are wearing Alfred Angelo - but the dress wasn't too expensive, and FI and I decided to buy the dresses for them as a gift (I only have 4 girls).

    If DB has the dress you want, then go for it!  Lots of people use DB and have great luck with them.  I've never had BM dress problems there.

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  • I've worn a couple of bridesmaid dresses from there and it is nice to have them available in other cities and my girls were surprised at how cute their new styles are. I'll give them credit for that! Most of their new styles right now look much less "bridesmaidy" than any of the Watters, Angelo, etc. dresses. And I'm one for not making my friends spend money on a dress they'll never wear again. So if they can get one for $120-$150 @ DB, that's fine w/ me!

    Don't worry - they're getting better! Remember when we'd never catch ourselves dead saying "yep, I got my entire outfit at Target!" - now, I'm kinda proud of it. Chances are, no one's gonna ask where their dresses are from unless they're really cute anyway. In that case you can say "David's Bridal! Can you believe it?!"

    Not to mention, the other post is right, guests don't carea bout that. THey'll like the color or style, but mostly, they're looking at you anyway :)
  • IMHO, I think comparing DB to Target is an insult to Target.  It's more like the Walmart of bridal dresses.  No, the K-MART.

    This is not all being said out of snobbery, it's said out of 3 horrible experiences at my local DB.  

    First, they ordered me the wrong color BM dress (the dress was supposed to be peridot, and someone wrote down peri, thus the dress being ordered in periwinkle), and then when they reordered it in the right color, it came in as a size 6 instead of a 2.  By then it was too late to reorder, and I had to pay over $100 to get it taken in 3 days before the wedding.  No apologies.  No offer to alter it there.

    Then the next time I was a BM and had to buy from there, the dress unravelled while I was wearing it.  No joke, the seams started coming out.  For something that cost $180, it should hold up more than a couple hours, especially considering it was a baptist wedding with no dancing.

    And additionally, DB isn't that much more affordable.  I found several nice Wtoo dresses (Watters and Watters more affordable line) for $150-$200.  The two times I bought dresses at DB they were both $180.

    And this may be a little snobby, but I am just over DB. After looking at so many knottie bios, I have just gotten to the point where I can spot a DB wedding a mile away.  

    I might be biased because I had such a great experience using a smaller boutique, for my dress and my BM dresses.  They were so attentive and accommodating, and they always remember me when I come by.

    Sorry for the novel, but I give you permission to keep hating on DB.
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  • oh no, KYKate!
    What horrible experiences! i don't blame you one bit for your anti-DB stance. If I'd had that experience, I'd feel the same way. I was opposite though... my DB bridesmaid dresses held up great and my Watters dress fell apart...

    My girls are getting their own dresses from wherever so my position is neutral as bride and as bridesmaid, saving $50-$150 on a bridesmaid dress is nice.
  • I've worn their bridesmaids dresses before but no way on their wedding gowns, no freaking way. I've never had a problem when I've been to my local store for BM dresses, but other people have had problems at other stores (wrong dress was ordered, wrong size, etc.) Luckily the orders come in pretty quickly. So if you do go w/ DB for your bridesmaids gowns just tell your girls to order a few months ahead of time, although the dresses themselves take maybe 4 weeks to come in the store ... I'm thinking March/April for a July wedding and you should be ok. :)
  • We just went bridesmaid shopping at David's so I'm biased.

    Two things I liked:

    1) the new spring styles of dresses are very cute. My sisters both liked a knee-length one with a bubble skirt. Totally the kind of thing you could wear again.

    2) When I wore a long David's bridesmaid dress, I was very thankful that so many people buy David's stuff. It didn't take me very long to sell my bridesmaid dress on Ebay. :)

    Of course, inspect all the dresses before you take them home. But if it's really just a dress for one day, it's so nice to be able to wear it again or to sell it.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_july-2010-weddings_should-stop-hating-davids-bridal?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:592Discussion:b8678c8c-92c9-410d-9473-4e335570006bPost:63db73c6-417e-4486-8006-a75785acab3f">Re: Should I stop hating on David's Bridal?</a>:
    [QUOTE]And additionally, DB isn't that much more affordable.  I found several nice Wtoo dresses (Watters and Watters more affordable line) for $150-$200.  The two times I bought dresses at DB they were both $180.
    Posted by KentuckyKate[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I actually agree with this. Their more plain and short dresses are inexpensive, maybe around $100-$110. But anything else is going to be just about as much as the affordable lines from other designers. Jasmine's B2 line, Wtoo, Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee ... many of these bridesmaid gowns are very affordable. So DB isn't the only way to go if you don't want your girls to have to spend a lot of money.
  • Did you see this dress from JCrew? Its on clearance for $99 and to me, it kinda sounds like what you are looking for perhaps? I guess you aren't looking for strapless but I thought I'd show it to you.
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  • this one is on clearance too for $99

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  • I wouldn't worry about where it's from. If you like the dresses, see if your maids do too, CHECK! Your not going to be the first person in America to have DB bm dresses!

    Your BM will be happy cuz the dresses are cheaper and you said they are exactly what you want. Sounds like it all worked out for you!

    I am looking into Alfred Angelo and Jasmine and B2 collections if you haven't checked there.

    ALSO the bridal salon said I'm late on getting bridesmaids dresses so I would decide quick! I don't know that I would wait for summer colors to come out....did they say when they come out usually?
  • I had to LOL after reading these posts.  From what I can tell across lots of boards, it seems like DB experiences 100% depend on the store(s) you use.  To my horror and shock, I found my wedding dress there.  (See bio for details.) I freaked about having found my dress there so I can empathize. 

     I totally think DB is hit or miss so find out of the stores near you/your BM's are reputable.  I also agree with PP that other designers can compare in price as well and also that most people have no  clue where the dresses come from anyway.

    To answer your question, yes, you can stop hating on DB but just be sure you find a DB you feel comfortable using!  (I went to threee and had three drastically different experiences--found one I love.)  If DB has what you like, go for it!

    P.S. This is my first post on this July 2010 board (I think) so hi everyone!
  • After my sister's experience at DB, I refused to get my dress there. My sister had an okay experience, but it honestly felt like a factory. I went to another local shop and had a "Say Yes to the Dress" experience. It was amazing.

    I, too, am using "robin's egg blue" as my main color. Have you considered making the BM dresses another color - like an accent color? Both of my sisters looked terrible in the blue, so we are doing Jim Hjelm dresses using the accents (the top is ivory with an empire waist, the skirt is berry colored). Just something to consider!  Happy New Year and keep us updated!
  • Great call, chica7484. Jim Hjelm is awesome! They have different styles you could utilize. 
  • OP- We are using J Crew. They ship in 4-7 days, so don't worry if you wait a bit to decide. They are such good quality and all of my BM are just so happy with them, especially because they're so cute! I agree with a pp- can you use an accent color and perhaps have them carry blue flowers?
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  • I had no issues with my bridesmaids dress that I wore for a friends wedding from DB.  I think my sister is going to get her dress from there for my wedding.  I don't think I'll get my wedding dress from there even though they have a style I really like because the fabric just isn't that nice. But for bridesmaids they have really nice stuff.
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