PSA- Christiana Hilton Discount for Reception

The Christiana Hilton is hosting a wedding giveaway on Feb 25th!  To enter go to their website and tell them your most romantic moment.  To win you must be present.  However, the really nice thing is the Hilton offers great discounts of their price pp if you book that night.  FI and I attended a wedding giveaway in July (we did not win) and booked our reception at 35% off pp of the advertised price.  The package includes the following: custom cake and floral centerpieces (you select from a list of approved vendors), linens (ivory or white), 5 hour open bar or 4 hour open bar 7 wine with dinner, butlered and stationary hors d'oeuvres, 4 course meal, coffee and sweets table, ice sculpture, bridal hospitality accommodations, and wedding night accommodations. 

We are having our ceremony on a Sunday, thus the 35% off (FI and I are paying approx. $70 pp).  I think Friday night is also 35% and Sat is 15% or 20% off.  Gratuity is included and, it is DE, NO SALES TAX!! YAY!!!! 

If nothing else, go for the free food and wine!  LOL
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