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August 2010 Weddings

Opinions Please!

So FI & I are going to have a civil/non-religious ceremony. We decided to look into officiants recommended by girls on the knot and other wedding websites. I e-mailed one, but she was unavailable on our wedding date. We recently found one who is & also highly recommended. The only "problem" is she doesn't really do a formal rehearsal the night before the wedding (she has to keep time open for other weddings). The deal is she will do a rehearsal during the week for a $50 fee or she will just rehearse with the wedding party an hour before the wedding. I don't see a problem with this, but my mom already seems skeptical. I guess the only "problem" is that we won't have a traditional rehearsal the day prior. Anyone else come up with this same issue with their officiants? Do you think its going to be a problem?

Re: Opinions Please!

  • i was in a wedding of a friend who was Jewish and they wouldnt allow her to have a rehersal.  She just explained to us what to do and we just did it.  We didnt really need a rehersal.  It worked out fine. 
  • Its always nice to do a little run through to ease any fears or aphrensions. I also would not pay extra for something that should be included in that service. Maybe just do it yourselves its not that hard just how you want your WP to walk in where you want them to stand. Where the Officiant will stand and how B&G will stand. It will be ok.  
  • I was in a wedding last summer and it was civil and they used an officiant who also didn't do rehearsals.  We all did our own rehearsal the night before.  The officiant really doesn't need to be there for that.  She did end up coming a little early the day before and we made sure she knew when to walk down.  It was no problem at all.
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  • Question, do you really need the officiant to practice? Can't you go to your venue and have a practice session for the benefit of the bridal party and parents etc.? You'll work out all of the wording prior to the ceremony so I'm guessing that she doesn't need to be there. Just a thought.
  • very true -- i'm sure we will have a script and i can just have someone else pretend to be the officant!! i don't think i need her there either.
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