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August 2010 Weddings

vent: e-pics

so its been a week and my photog hasn't gotten back to me on my e-pics. he said that his august was very busy and things would die down in sept so we were going to plan a nite in sept to take e-pics on the beach. the only thing is im hoping to get a session set up before it turns cold and starts to get dark early. otherwise those pics wont quite work. the sad thing is in my crazy mind im thinking maybe somethings telling me just to save the money and not take the pics and put the $ towards something else. thats just how i think - like things happen 4 a reason.i was just so psyched to take the e-pics!

Re: vent: e-pics

  • Aww I'm sorry that you're frustrated. August and September are both busy months for weddings. September is still nice to take pictures though. If not..couldn't you take them in May? It doesn't matter when you take them. Did you already book him for your wedding?

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  • yeah he's booked for the wedding... i wouldnt mind doing them in may but i really wanted to use them for save the dates
  • I know you wanna pull your hair out being frustrated. But I would take them. It is something you and your Fi will enjoy doing toegter. You will make great memories and have lots of pictures to last a life time.
  • I am taking my engagement pictures in September at the beach.  We booked a night during the week.  My photographer did them last year for a couple and he took them at sunset and they are beautiful.  I would not worry about it.  It might be a little colder but there will be less people to worry about getting in the background.  You could always plan to take them during the day.I think everything will turn out fine.
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