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August 2010 Weddings


We are keeping wedding decor behind our couch...so it is not visible, not in the way, etc. Well some of it sits on this table as they are glass. It has been like this since we got the glass stuff 3 weeks ago.In my brilliance this morning I decided to play fetch with the dog in the house which normally is not a bad thing. Except.....I wasn't paying attention and threw the squeeker toy directly at the table full of glass and one of our glass charger/tall candle holders shattered. It was only $7 so I am not upset about that. I am more upset about my stupidity....FI says, "um, who plays fetch in the house, didn't anyone teach you better?" COMPLETELY laughing at me. I was all upset, lol.So........where is everyone storing (safely) their wedding decor?
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Re: Storage?

  • well we are going to use the guest room.. but what about buying some big clear storage bins? that way your stuff is protected and you can stack them so they are not all over the floor!! and you can get them cheap at ikea, walmart, anywhere like that
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  • The guest bedroom in rubermaid totes.  We have a chocolate lab that is only a year and a half old, and a redbone coonhound that is the same age.  Not to mention a four year old daughter.  We have to keep our things super safe in our house.
  • I'm not going to start purchasing anything for months but I am either going to clean out a closet (Linen) or use my spare bedroom. Good luck!
  • If we have any it will be kept at my parent house or my inlaws in Cali since that is where we are getting married. i am not a very creative person so we hired a planner so i guess she can hold our wedding decorations too.   So sorry to hear you broke one of the decorations.
  • my basement is FILLED with stuff from our engagement party. my mom cant wait til we find a house so that this clutter can be removed. although i know she will be sad when i leave with it
  • I am a huge scrapbooker and when I moved to the island FI built me a little scrapbooking nook, so for now, everything is in there, but now I have to room to scrapbook so I'll have to figure something out soon.  We have a guest suite, sort of like an efficiancy with it's own bathroom and small kitchen that I could store them in, but if anyone comes down from the states for a visit, I'll have to move them again, so I have no clue right now :)
  • We have glass items already also. Right now we have them on top of a dresser in the guest bedroom.
  • we have an outside storage we keep it all in except for the glass jars are in the game room behing the ps3 chair.
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  • I'm storing things for my son in clear storage containers. I would suggest you start a book of what you have purchased. I started filling the containers and putting a list on a paper in the inside lid of what was in it. Of course you have to take off the lid to know what is in it. silly me. Now, I am posting a list on the outside of the container and keeping a book that has Box 1 with.... things inside. It helps us remember what we have purchased so we don't repeat buy. It doesn't seem possible to repeat buy, but as you go along, you forget what has been purchased. Organization is key, Find a system that works for you. If space is tight, maybe a friend or relative will let you store things at their home.
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