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So I'm saving up for a mac book since my gateway laptop is old, slow & will soon need to be replaced. FI & some of my family chipped in & got me an apple store gift card for my b-day so I have approx $300 towards a new laptop. Apple is running a deal now where if you are a student (which fi is for one more yr) you can get $50 off plus a free ipod touch (which I will sell). My question should I wait for another holiday so I can save up more $ towards the laptop or fork out the cash now so I can take advantage of their free ipod deal?


  • They will have the same deal or better around Christmas- wait till then since you dont have all the cash.
  • I'm pretty sure that the free ipod touch & discount for students is an ongoing promotion.  My sis bought a mac laptop 2 years ago and got the same deal and my cousin received the same one last year.So, it's totally up to you to buy the mac now or later.  But how much longer can your Gateway laptop hold on? 
  • I too have been thinking about going Mac and what I have found is that their prices are pretty much consistently the same all the time. I am figuring that any Christmas deals are going to be much the same as they are now, so waiting probably is not a bad idea. Good luck!
  • I'm not sure when the best time is, I bought my MAC three years ago in March and was able to get the student discount. I love my MAC, you will too.
  • Yeah, I know they do the free ipod right before school starts, idk if they do it again during x-mas. The student discount I know is ongoing. My PC has always had issues -- last thing was the power cord, when I sent it to be fixed I had to deal with the worst customer service & it took 2 months to get it back. My FI had the same comp & one day he turned it on and the hard drive was fried. So, as of now I think I will wait...my FBIL just donated $ to my gift card too...yay!
  • They only do the free iPod deal during back to school.  The promotion ends on 9/8.  They do this to clear out stock because right after the promotion ends there is an Apple conference somewhere and they announce the next round of Apple goodies that will come out.  This happens every year.  They'll talk about where the company is headed and announce changes to existing products/software as well as new products.  It is rumored that a new iPod Touch is coming out, the 3rd gen.  It will have a camera and a microphone.  If this is the case, you may have difficulty selling your free iPod Touch unless you sell it at a major discount.I wouldn't let that weigh in on your decision, especially since it's not something you want, it's something you would sell.  Look at it like this: financially, are you able to get your new laptop now with your $300 in gift money plus your money?  If it would be a huge stretch to get it now or if you would have to buy it with credit, wait another holiday for more contributions and in the meantime save as much as you can.
  • Also, if you look at Craigslist or a similar service (like Ebay or Amazon), everyone and their brother are doing the same thing, so the resale market is oversaturated with iPod Touches.  Just something to think about -- between the new version coming out and all the ones for sale from the free deal, you might not get a buyer.
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