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August 2010 Weddings


Hi everyone, FI and I are thinking about our E-pics lately, well actually more like I've been thinking about them, but anyway... we're getting them done in October I think and although it's like a month and a half away I am thinking of the type of photos we want to be taken and the biggest question what we're going to wear. We both will need to buy something as neither one of us has a good wardrobe!! We don't have alot of money budgeted for clothes so I was wondering.... what kind of e-pics did everyone take? casual or dressy. And what did you wear? I don't know what I want. We are not having them done by a professional photographer because they are too expensive. I am hoping to have my friend (who is shooting our wedding) do the e-pics - if not then Sears or Walmart it is!!

Re: E-Pics

  • I decided to try & integrate some colors/style of the wedding into my e-pix. I think what is more important is what style clothes you feel most comfortable in/think you look the best in. Since you are on a tight budget maybe try checking out the mall for a cute top that is on sale & pare it w/your favorite jeans?
  • I took mine today. It was fun. We had two outfits a casual outfit and a dressy. For the casual I wore shorts and a cute top with heels. FI wore a bright green polo with shorts. For our formal look I wore a dress that I had bought for a sorority social and FI wore jeans and a dressy shirt that he already had. Whatever you do choose outfits that you guys are going to be comfortable in, that's really what matters.
  • We're doing our e-pics at the beginning of October, and I can't wait! We're doing "casual" pictures with two outfits. I don't really wear dresses or skirts too much, and I wanted us to feel like ourselves. We'll both be wearing nice jeans, and I got two cute sweaters (one cashmere, one wool cardigan) from J.Crew.  FI will wear a button-up collared shirt in one, and for the second "outfit" he'll add a quarter-zip sweater over the collared shirt. If you don't want to spend a lot on the outfits, try using some accessories to jazz things up! I got some cute jewelry from Anthropologie for ours, and I think I'm going to get a cute scarf/pashmina from Target for some of the pics too. If you're a hat person, wear a cute stylish hat for some of them (or headband, or whatever accessory you prefer)!
  • Mine are in my bio.  We had two outfits on.  We also had an additional outfit of jeans and our mets tees but it was too rainy to change.  The outfits ranged from somewhat dressy to casual.  I think its a great idea to have a friend do them.
  • Our Epics are schedule for the beginning of October too and I've been debating on what I want us to wear!! I'm definitely going for more of the casual side because that is our style - I'm thinking jeans and a nice sweater type shirt for me and a button down shirt for FI
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