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August 2010 Weddings

Check! Registries (kind of a little long)

So, yesterday morning we woke up ready and raring to go do our registries.  We first did Target, and we had a lot of fun.  Took us about two hours looking around at everything, agreeing, disagreeing, and agreeing to disagree.  We ended up with some great items and left the store feeling like we had accomplished something.  Next it was off to lunch, and then to Macy's.  Surprisingly, we did not have a great experience here.  We went upstaits to the registry department and waited for a good 10 minutes until someone noticed we were standing there waiting.  And it was a woman from another department walking by that saw us and asked us if we needed help.  Apparently, the three women sitting around a table 10 feet from us were the bridal consultants, and the nice woman that stopped to ask us if we needed help had to tell them to come help us.  High end department store = high end service?  Nope.  Target was way better in my book.  But we finally got someone to set up our registry, and that was another good two or more hours of looking through products, choosing these dishes, that set of flatware.  You know.  Anyhow, I'm glad it's all over with, and I'm excited to see where it all goes from here.Has anyone else done registries yet?  What was your experience?

Re: Check! Registries (kind of a little long)

  • I have not done a registry yet. We probably won't do one until right before the shower. I don't see a need to do it right now. So many things change at the stores and I've heard stories aout how items have been discontinued on registries and the couple doesn't know about it. But, you're having an engagement party so it's nice to give the guests that option to buy off your registry. Congrats on the check though! I'm really not looking forward to that with FI! He hates shopping and I get irritated easily. And props to you two for doing TWO stores in one day! That's alot! 
  • We have no registered yet either. We do not plan on doing it till the invitations for my bridal shower are sent out. I am honestly in no hurry to add another thing to my to do list as well as I am worried to register for things now and them not be available next year when the showers and wedding are here. Plus thinking of having to register 2 is somthing I dont think either of us would want to do.  
  • I have registered at Target and Amazon.com.  I did both online, then FI and I are gonna go in to Target to finish the registry.  So far they are very long registries that we will pare down once we see the products in person and decide if we still like them or not.  They were very easy, and no sales people to ask if I need help every 5 seconds.Remember that some products will be discontinued so keep checking it every couple months when the wedding gets closer.
  • I've heard terrible things about the target registry from the girls here on the knot. Tons of duplicate items and terrible return policy. Be careful. I'm going to try Kohl's and bed bath and beyond.

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  • nope, we haven't registered. i too have heard terrible things about target registries which bums me out b/c i LOVE target. i've heard mixed reviews about macy's. i don't even know where i want to register.
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