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August 2010 Weddings

Struggling with Honeymoon Location

I have been doing a lot of research lately on ideas for Honeymoons. My first thought was to stay at one of those Sandals Resorts for the all inclusive convienence. With that though, we would have to get passports. I know $100/person doesn't seem like a lot of money in the long run, but dishing out $200 right now for passports we will unlikely use again is hard to fathom. Plus my FI is kinda against the idea of going out of the country (I guess he thinks we will be treated badly or something.) So now I am researching different places such as Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, all of which I believe you do not have to have a passport for. Hawaii I haven't thought a whole lot about because I would believe that would be the most expensive. I dont know to much about the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, and if they would even be a decent place to take a honeymoon. Any advice you girls have would be great. Also if you guys know where your going on your honeymoon feel free to share, I might get some more ideas! Thanks Girls!! :-)
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Re: Struggling with Honeymoon Location

  • I have to say that I don't agree with the decision not to travel out of the US because you won't be treated well.With that being said, you and your FI should plan a honeymoon that you will enjoy (and not worry about my opinion)!I have heard great things about Puerto Rico, but I don't have specific recommendations, just that my brother and sister-in-law did a cruise but first went there the weekend before and they LOVED it.  Since they have gone back a couple times.
  • In response to the Pocono’s suggestion, I am from PA and the Pocono’s are quite beautiful and am sure you could find a great deal. The Finger Lakes in NY are also a great romantic getaway. If you and your FI are wine fans this is a great place to be! Also, my BFF went to Vermont on her honeymoon and stayed at a B&B and had a great time. I think your honeymoon destination depends on what you like to do and what you want out of it. If you want to just spend some QT with your new husband, the above suggestions might be good. Also, these suggestions are a good fit if you like the outdoors, i.e. biking, hiking and kayaking. If you are looking of a beach destination and don't want to leave the country look at Key West, FL. Beautiful clear waters, a tropical feel with no passport hassles. My FI and I are headed to Disney World for our honeymoon! Good luck!
  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Hawaii (my sister eloped there). It's paradise, but it's pretty expensive! FI has never been there, and we discussed Hawaii for a honeymoon, but we'd rather go somewhere new to both of us. I think we're looking at St. Thomas (Virgin Islands). It sounds silly, but it's always been a popular honeymoon location among all my college friends -- we went to the University of St. Thomas (in Minnesota), and we all had t-shirts as freshmen that said "St Thomas (not the island)." So when people got married, St Thomas (the island) seemed like a popular place to honeymoon with your college sweetheart :)
  • Yeah, I am going right after our wedding so I'm trying to find a beachy location that's hurricane free. I'd really like to go to Hawaii so long as I don't break the bank!
  • I know I'm a little biased because I'm getting married in Hawaii, but you'd be surprised at the deals you can find! We're staying at a really nice place our first two nights of "Married Bliss" ;)  but then we're flying to the Big Island. We found a really nice resort that has condos for very cheap. That way, we have a full kitchen and we can go buy food and cook in for most of our meals. Of course we're still going to do dinner on the beach (where they put your table in the water) and go out to nice places, but we don't have to go out for every single meal... So you could look into that. You'd actually be surprised at all the deals you'll find in Hawaii!
  • Well being that I live on the beautiful island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, ofcourse I'm going to say to come here!  You do not need a passport to come here and the Marriott at Frenchman's Reef is a nice hotel at decent prices.  Or, you could do St. John which is my favorite island of the three.  The Westin hotel is over there and very nice too.  St. Croix is nice too, they have a few nice hotels, we like the Divi at Carina Bay.  The snorkeling here is fantastic and never gets old to me.  So yeah, I say come here.....LOL!!!
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