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August 2010 Weddings


It has come to my attention through another post that maybe the term "groomzilla" is not so common to everyone else as it has become to me.  So, let me explain:FI and I have been together a bit over two years, lived together for a year and a half.  We startd discussing the possibility of marriage maybe a year ago, and about 6 months ago I started to think about what our wedding might be like.  He was NEVER interested in talking wedding.  Not at all.  Total and complete disinterest.Then August 9th happens.  It was day 2 of an 8 day long camping trip.  FI proposed.  Big smiles, happy news, the whole thing.Day 3 of camping trip I meet groomzilla, otherwise known as my FI.  He goes on and on about "this idea you had, and I think whatever about that" and so on.  I'm thinking it's vacation brain and he's still excited about the proposal.Last week I buy a couple bridal magazines whil grocery shopping.  FI steals them from me when we get home and starts cutting out things he likes and putting them in MY wedding planner.  He won't let me make ANY decisions, I have to listen to his choices, then make a choice from his options. Anyone else have a groomzilla on their hands?  In some ways its nice to have his imput, especially when I hear other girls talk about their FIs not being interested.  But on the other hand.....  HELLO?!  I'M THE BRIDE!!!ok...go!

Re: Groomzilla?

  • Ohmigosh that's funny! And cute though, but funny. At least he's involved in the planning though! FI is somewhat of a groomzilla. When it came to figuring out what the guys will wear (tuxes vs suits) FI said black, plain suits and hasn't budged since. One day a groomsman was asking about what color shoe I wanted them to wear. I laughed and FI said "What are you a bridesmaid?! You're with me and I want all the guys to wear black shoes. PLAIN black shoes!" and of course when I told him I wanted to go to a bridal show he was like ok, how much are tickets? I'll request the day off. He's been really helpful in everything!
  • Haha FI can be a bit of a groomszilla too... and my mom and I laugh about it because we never saw it coming! But I think it's cool when the guy shows that he does have an opinion on what the wedding will be like. Darren hasn't stolen my bridal magazines (so adorable by the way!) but he has laid down the law when it comes to colors (absolutely NO yellow... that's rule #1), suits (black is the only way), and a few details on the officiant. I personally love it. =)
  • Mine is involved, not quite Groomzilla. He hates the Industrial Wedding Complex (that's you, The Knot!). But when it comes to the big stuff, he wants to be involved. He wants me to do all the research, then show him the options, then we discuss (/argue) for a few days, then we come to an agreement. This is how we picked out the accommodations for us and our WP. It's also how we formed our budget. But I see that as a plus, because I'd rather have that than someone who just shows up, totally disinterested. On the other hand, he really wanted me to show him pics of the dresses I tried on, and I put my foot down. To me, that's completely my call, and he'll be happy with whatever I pick, so I don't want any advance pressure one way or another. He threatened to then pick out his own clothes, but he hates that stuff, so I don't think he'll do that in the end. When it comes down to it, I want him invested - it's his wedding too! So I try to keep him as involved as I can, without overwhelming him with wedding planning madness. :)_
  • that's hilarious! my fi is all for giving me his opinion, but only when asked. it's perfect :) as i'm a planner at heart. the only thing he was adamant about was getting to pick one of the flavors for the cake, but when we got there he loved a few and left it up to me.
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  • That is cute that he is helping. I would probably be annoyed if he started taking over. My FI is involved. He gives me his opinion. If I want him to come look at vendors and stuff he has come. He has some items that we have to have such as bottled beer. He is very traditional. For the most part, he lets me plan and pick what I want.
  • I think it is so funny that I find this post this afternoon because just last night I was calling my FI a Groomzilla!! Too funny! I was calling my FI a groomzilla because anytime I would bring up anything wedding related he would get really opinionated and almost shoot down all of my ideas! I was getting really frusterated. I understand he may not agree with all of the ideas I have, but it doesn't mean he needs to be an @$$ about it! I pointed out his groomzilla-ness to him and explained that he was making me upset and he agreed that he needed to cool it a bit. I'd almost rather him be totally in to planning the wedding and looking stuff up(cutting things out) rather than be grumpy when I give ideas. Now he hasn't been too bad up till this point. He did recently start school back up again, which I know is stressful, so I am still going to give him the benefit of the doubt... ;-)
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