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August 2010 Weddings

What am I doing? Assigning tables?

I just realized I've hit a point in planning where I have no idea what I'm doing. Now that we're just about finalized with the guest count I'm thinking about assigning guests to tables and I have no idea where to start!!!

First I don't know who to put with who. Do my parents sit with his parents? each sets of parents with their own families?

Then, how do I organize myself? DId you guys use excel sheets? Or some kind of tool on a website?

Please help! I'm lost!

Re: What am I doing? Assigning tables?

  • perfecttableplan.com  best $20 i spent on this wedding lol

    we are doing each parent hosting a table. i simply asked each parent who they would like to sit at their tables. then i grouped the others. families go together, friends at another table and so on.
  • I'm using an excel sheet with 22 tables (our goal) set up with 10 slots under each table. Everytime an RSVP comes in I place the people at a table that I think is appropriate. My family has a table, FI family has a table, then we have extended family tables, friends tables, work tables, etc. If a table gets full or I don't like the way I've grouped them I cut and paste. It's worked so far. I am sure there will be kinks when the tables all start getting full.

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    I started with the BP...b/c to me that seemed easiest. I have tables of 8...so I put FI and I, plus MOH and BM with significant others and family(BM is also FBIL who has two children...our RB and FG) and then I sat all the BM's and then all the GM's. Next I did all of our work colleagues. I then tackled family...all of my fam at their own tables and all of his fam at theirs. I followed it up by FI's frat bros and other friends we had invited. I tried to get as many tables of 8 that I could...but I do have 3 or 4 tables that have less than 8...which I feel will allow for people to move about the room and mingle if they want.

    As for organizing....I used good ole paper plates and post it notes in the beginning b/c the site planners didn't work for the way my brain works...I'm a very visual, hands on person. So being able to manipulate the post-its and table plates helped me a lot. After I got everyone at a table I created a power point (that we will be using at the reception site as well) to list all the names and tables out.

    HTH get you started! :)
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  • we're splitting up our guests according to status (single, dating/engaged, engaged/married, families w/ children).  We're limited to 10-person tables, so we'll just pick 10 people from one category to fill a table, and move on to the next :).

    We have people from CA, Mi, and VA/MD - we want a variety of people at each table (because we enjoy weddings we've been to where we were at tables with people we didn't know).

    I plan on literally just cutting out circles, and using their escort cards to place around the circles to make tables (I'm a hands-on person)
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  • here's what my mom did - it was very organized and then i color coded it to be even more organized... i have learned thru this process my organizational skills have come from my mother

    anyway, when we recieved rsvp's we put them into 3 piles: my side yes, his side yes, and the no's. when we had most (like 90% back) we started creating tables. we would group the rsvps together according to table and paper clip them together. then we put the total number at the table and the table number on a post it on top of the group. so for example a group of paper clipped rsvps would have my mom, dad, my aunts and uncles, and my grandpa. makes a table of 10. so on the post it we put 10 people, table 3... it made it pretty easy that way
  • I also did post-its, the thinner flag type ones.  I made a color for FI family, a color for my family, and another color for friends.  Seems the visual folks lean towards the post-it model.

    Once I was happy with it, I put it in excel to share with family.

    Do whatever works best for you.  I put the parents at their own tables, and we're doing a sweetheart table.  I split up the bridal party since they're not all close.  My two friends from the BP will be at a table with my other HS friends, his BM and GM1 are at another table of his HS/college friends, and the other BP members are family who are sitting together.  Good luck!
  • we only have 80 people, so it's easy... we try to put people of similar age together with similar relationship with us (example, FI's college friends with his cousins, my friends of all different time who might/might not have met before, and our friends who are couples who know both of us). as for parents, our parents both host their own table with family/friends of their choice. u can just arrange for ur own friends and cousins and stuff, the rest such as parents/in-laws' friends and family, u can ask them to help with seating chart if you'd like. that way they know where they want those to be seated and u won't be stressed out about where to put them.
  • I used freeseating.com I think. For us it's a bit different since we don't have a wedding party, we are going to sit at a table with all of our parents and grandparents. Everyone else is pretty much organized my family and/or personality type.
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  • I just made a picture of the layout on word.  with circles and rectagles and then printed it.  Then i wrote on it in pencil where everyoe goes.  super easy and free
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    I used excel/google docs.  I love google docs because you can have your fiance and parents share the document.  I created an excel spreadsheet in google docs for the guest list with columns for:

    engagement party
    x means they attended

    rehearsal dinner
    x means they attended

    x means they attended

    shower gift

    wedding gift

    Then I created a second page for tables, I included only guests who were attending and color coded tables by category (mine and Fi's friends, my parents list, Fi's parents list).  I asked my parents and Fi's parents to help group their family/friends in tables of 8-10.  We decided to sit with our immediate family for the head table - which will be us, our parents and siblings.  We grouped friends with other people they knew, we have a couple tables with more couples but it was more about like groups of people. 

    You might want to ask your caterer what size tables you will have before hand!  Also a glass of wine helps ;).
  • Thank you for all the great ideas!! FI and I started discussing who will go with who tonight and I think the post it notes might be a good way for me to go, since I am very visual as well. I'm sure we'll figure it out!
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