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Map/direction card

How many of you are including a map and or direction card with your invites? We have a ton of OOT guests so we will have quite a few people coming from the same hotel. Then we have the church and reception is back near the hotel. I just feel like we will have a lot of things to include. Map of church area, map of hotel/reception area, directions to church from hotel and also from other areas of the city for in town guests, directions from church to reception. Parking info for hotel (which actually will be included on the accommodations card), parking info for reception (which I think we will include on reception card). We have included our wedding website on the STDs and will again on invites. Can we just put directions and maps on the website? It just seems like way too much info to include in the invites. We started designing them yesterday (DIY) and there just doesn't seem to be room for it all (unless maybe we could do one of the inserts double sided)

Long post short: is it ok to just include map/directions on the website and not in the invites?

Re: Map/direction card

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    Ugh - I typed out a long response to this and then The Knot ate it.

    It really depends on your guests. If it's a mostly computer-savvy group then it's ok to keep that information online, but if you have several older people or luddites I think you should include it. You can also consider doing a separate mailing for the people you think really need that information in print. Also consider that it's nice to have a hard copy of the directions when you're in transit.

    We're including a map and direction card with our invites, but it's easier for us because the ceremony and reception are in one of the hotels where we have room blocks, and the other hotel is a 5 minute walk away.

    Another thought - in order to reduce the amount of information in the invites you can include the directions from the church to the reception in your ceremony programs, if you're doing them.
  • Yes, it's ok to put it on your website.  Or do a separate mailing (by email or regular mail) for those people who you think won't go to the website.  

    Or you can just rely on them to be able to figure out where the wedding is the same way they've always figured out where anything is.  For those folks who don't use the internet, that means they regularly use a map or phonebook to figure out where things are located.  Unless you're getting married someplace really obscure, they can figure it out.  Or they'll call you.

    While we should be thoughtful of guests, they are also adults who manage to get places without invitation maps in the rest of their lives, so I think this is one of those pressures imposed by wedding planning that really is your call.

  • Are your OOT guests checking into the hotel before or after the wedding?  If they are checking in first, see if the hotel will hand out directions to your guests when they arrive, or do welcome bags with directions in them.

    I would only put directions to the wedding location in the invitations.  People can use mapquest, or gps now to find out where things are.  Also update the website with all directions so if people ask, you can just refer them to the site.

  • As a guest, I prefer that there are directions or at least an address in the invitation. Even though I have a GPS, I really need an address in order to know what to enter. I've used many GPS systems and it's often annoying to search for just the name of a place because it takes forever and you may or may not get the right place. In the excitement of getting ready for the wedding and everything I'm likely to forget to look up directions from ceremony to reception.
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  • I am including written directions, but not a map in my invite inserts.  We also have a ton of OOT guests that will be coming in, but a majority of them have been to the area before to visit my family at one time or another.  However, the directions that we are including will be from our reception venue (which is also where our hotel block is reserved) because if the guests stay there, the directions will be very simple.  If the guests choose not to stay at our venue in the reserved block, then they will still have the address to mapquest or ask us for directions to the church.
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