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August 2010 Weddings

Poll: V-day spending

FI and I don't usually do big gifts for valentine's day. We just don't really buy that far into it. This year, with the wedding and everything, we definitely agreed not to spend too much. So I got him a DVD he wanted and decided to make him a red velvet cake (his favorite, which I have never made). So I just got back from the store getting all the stuff I need, and this damn cake cost me $75!!!! Way more than I planned to spend. So I thought it might make an interesting poll.

Re: Poll: V-day spending

  • Dang! You could have bought the cake! Red Velvet is FI's favorite too and will be the top layer of our wedding cake! I got him a few small items and he took me to dinner/ theater and sent flowers. Vday really isn't a big deal for us.
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  • We decided that instead of spending any money, we are going to put the money we would've spent into our honeymoon savings!  We are just going to make dinner and watch a movie. 
  • I am going to try to make these peppermint candies my FI gets from this frou frou chocolate store.  He loves them and so i thought if I could find a similar recipe and make them at home he would be in heaven. 
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  • Like I said in the last post...We aren't doing too much this year due to the wedding. I bought him a box of lindor truffles (his favorite) and a card. We're planning on doing dinner and a movie tomorrow night. 

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  • Sorry girls, I hadn't seen all of the responses to the post below! This post was a little redundant. Yes, I could have definitely bought a cake for less! However, some of it is selfish; I like to bake and haven't gotten to do any baking from scratch in a really long time. It just got to be so expensive because we just moved into this apt. recently so I didn't have some main things like flour, sugar, etc so I had to buy it all even if I only need a little. I also needed to get some basic cookware I didn't have, like a sifter.
  • This weekend we are heading up to chicago to go to the Autoshow.  The money we spend on the weekend will basically be my valentines day present to him.  Between us spending money on gas, dinner, parking, and the hotel - I think some candy and a card are sufficient as a  "present" lol!
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  • FI is away on the V-Day, and I just got a Pro-flowers delivery from him :)

    We are going to a dinner a week later to a hibachi place that he loves, but not spending a dime because I got a $100 rebate card from VisionExpress after purchasing my contacts there, so we will use that money
  • We weren't going to spend much until we got our income tax checks. Then we each spent $150 on each other. I got him speakers for his computer plus another surprise for him. He got me fuzzy pink slippers, lingerie, and another engagement ring(see about post).
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  • I spent $20 - and that is on my daughter. AND THEN fi calls me just now and tells me he reserved us 2 nights in a balcony suite over looking shasta AND a night at a B & B with a private jaczuzzi and breakfast in bed AND a train ride through the redwood forrest...DUDE.......if it wasn't for the kiddo it would be really really romantic, but..........it will be great, I know it. :-)
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  • We usually do about $100 on v-day, but its mainly because we have a REALLY long break between holidays (Dec. to May), and we like to spoil each other sometimes.  V-day gives us an excuse.  This year, though, I cut back to about $75.  I got him a Florida Gators pub mirror, which is REALLY cool looking, and a western-style shirt from the Gap (on clearance for $13).  I think we're going out for dinner tomorrow night, and then we usually go see a chick flick since v-day is the one day of the year that FI will actually watch a girly movie with me.  Nothing very romantic, though; its not really his style.
  • I am getting him a video game he wants & he is got me an orchid, chocolates & a card. :) 
  • In Response to Re: Poll: V-day spending:
    [QUOTE] and then we usually go see a chick flick since v-day is the one day of the year that FI will actually watch a girly movie with me
    Posted by aweilba[/QUOTE]
    Haha, same with my FI!
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  • Vday is also our anniversary so spending a little more. Going to dinner, then casino then hotel room (we've not lived together for over 3 months now due to mold in our house and were both living at parents place so we need alone time! - Moving back together in a few weeks though!!)
  • I got him a card and favorite candy. He got me a romantic getaway at an awesome hotel, we stayed there last night. It was awesome. We don't usually do big gifts so it was a pretty big deal for us.
  • ok well I went alittle over the $150 I said before. I decided to combine V-day and a housewarming gift(moving in about 2 weeks). So this morning while hes at work I went and bought him a 32inch flat screen tv. The tv that we originally had was like a 16 or 17inch and was about 15 to 20 years old. We had talked about buying one once we moved but I thought I would surprise him. He hasn't seen it yet because he is unfortunately working a double today and wont be home till about 11 but I can't wait to see his face!!
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  • We decided to not spend any money on V-Day this year since the wedding is so close. I don't mind it at all actually-- one less thing to think about buying him this month. I'll probably be putting the money I would have spent towards a great wedding gift instead!
  • We bought eachother wedding bands, so in a way it was more of a wedding purchase than valentines day.  But I think it made this valentine's day really special.  It was fun to pick them out together!  Now the hard part is trying to keep myself from wanting to try it on every day, haha. 
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