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August 2010 Weddings

how many programs?

How many programs are you having compared to guests? I know we don't need as many as we have guests. We are thinking we will have about 140 or less (rsvps aren't all in yet) guests.

Re: how many programs?

  • rktorkto member
    I would say 1/2 as many plus 10-15. 
    Most people come as couples - so one per couple and then 10-15 for the people that insist on 2 or for those not in a couple.
    (but 90% of my guests are in couples)
  • You probably want a couple extra to keep, and even use in photos too.
  • I plan on doing about equal to the number of adults - but I'm making my own, so it's not that much more (cost wise)

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  • Unless you're having someone hand them out specifically only one per couple I wouldn't assume that - because FI and I always each seem to end up with our own programs because they just get handed to us
  • So far we have 181 people coming to the dinner and reception for sure.

    We have a handful of people who will be joining us at the church for the ceremony, missing dinner (for various reasons I suppose), and then coming to the reception, so I am trying to take them into account as well. 

    And from the 181, we know that a good portion of them will not be coming to the ceremony.

    Add to that a huge group of my students who are coming to the ceremony...oh my! I have no clue as to how many I should get printed!! HELP!!  Originally I was thinking about printing 100, but will that be enough? I don't want to have a bundle of left-over programs either....why is this so difficult? LOL
  • We'll have slightly over 100 guests and I'm going to make an even hundred programs. I know we'll have a ton left over but it's easier to buy for 100.
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  • Since my ceremony is outdoors (atleast planned to be) I decided to make program fans. So I had to make one for each guest. :)
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  • Not sure on this one. My MOH said she had half her invites not taken and she made one per person.
  • we are doing about 1 per person +/- a few.  We bought our program papers in groups of 100 so we had to buy 200 sheets for our 140 guests
  • I'd say half of whatever # of guests, you dont need one per person
  • We are doing 130 programs for 150 guests...probably could have done less....
  • We will have around 180 guests.  I bought enough paper for 150 programs (packs of 50), but I probably won't do them all-maybe 120-130.  I am printing and decorating them myself, so it may come down to how sick I am of stamping and tying the ribbons.  Stupid DIY projects!!
  • Thanks everyone for the input! We are also DIY'ing them. I had some paper left over from making the table numbers that I plan to use but we only have like 85 pieces left, so I'm wondering specifically if 85 programs for 140 people is enough, or if we should get some more paper?!
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