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pre-registering shopping?

Did anyone check out the stores you were planning on registering at before actually registering? We planned to use Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy's and Crate and Barrel. We were going to register at BBB today, but FI suggested to browse more briefly at each store we're interested to determine if we really need to do all 3 and what we like from where so we did that instead. It actually turned out really well and helped clarify what we need and where we would like to purchase it all from without having any pushy sales people bothering us. Of course, now we have to come up with time to visit them all again.

Did anyone else do something like this? Are we crazy?

Re: pre-registering shopping?

  • My pre-registry planning consisted of making a generic list of things to register for (ex. "blender" not brand name).  I then checked online for things that had more style like dishes, flatware, etc. to see which store to focus on.  Honestly most of the stores have the same stuff, so I dont think you can go wrong.
  • I guess I did kind of the same thing on my own time - I knew I wanted to register at Target & Kohls - and I'm in there all the time - so I would randomly browse the sections to get a better idea of who had dinnerware, or sheets etc that I liked more so it was easier come decision time to know which store to register for what at!
  • FI and I made a prelim list of things that we needed/wanted, and then looked up prices and availability for each item online.  We narrowed our registries down to BBB and Amazon because Amazon was the one place where we could get the things we couldn't at BBB.
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  • Yeah we looked at BBB & Macy's before registering to gage which one we'd rather do. We knew all along we wanted to do CB, but just couldn't decide between those two. We decided to do BBB b/c it's more accessible to our guests. Also, we surprisingly had NO pushy sales people. We did CB during their registering event & no one bugged us really. Also BBB the woman gave us a 15 minute run down of everything then set us free -- it worked out really well. 
  • We definitely did that.  We went to a bunch of different places, looking for what we wanted.  In particular, we were looking for bedding we liked.  We wanted to make sure we found a place that had a style we liked.  It made me feel better when we actually registered - I felt like we were picking things we really wanted.
  • We went to BBB before we started registering to see what we wanted and to look at their pots and pans to see what I liked so I could do more research.  

    We went to C&B and Williams Sonoma without looking first, but I had an idea of what I wanted from those stores.
  • So we registered at BBB and it took literally five hours! It was fun, sure, but way overload. Idk if every one is like that, but it was intense. They felt like they had to explain EVERY detail of EVERY product...
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  • FI and I searched online before we went into the store.  We registered at Macy's and Dillard's.  Our hometown Macy's is a tad small, but it had most of what we wanted.  Anything that we couldn't find in store, we just added online.  Dillard's is soley for our fine china.
  • We didn't check anything out or make a list or anything, we just jumped right in at Bed Bath and Beyond one day.  It was HORRIBLE and I would never suggest doing that.  We didn't have a clue what we needed or wanted because this was our first shot at it and they definitely took advantage of that.  We ended up with a gigantic registry full of things we didn't even want and we were super overwhelmed and frustrated.  Since then we did a little more shopping around and actually ended up closing our registry at BBB because of our bad pushy experience.  We are now registered at Target, Macys and Kohls and they've all been great!
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  • Thanks for all of the advice! It's good to know we weren't entirely crazy and now hopefully the actual registering process might be a bit quicker and smoother.
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