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Party pooper

this is going to sound very much woe is me / complaining when I should be greatful. fair warning........

i am greatful my sis through me a shower...........however, i don't know many people and like 1/4 of the people invited showed......there were a TON of empty seats, kind of embarassing......and i felt bad talking to one person when others had traveled far to see me...then when talking to that person I felt bad towards the others...it's not like we are a giant group of girls...most didn't know eachother

i am greatful that my MOH is throwing me a bachelorette party................however, I am not a partier...i don't drink much........of the group invited....maybe 3 drink, the rest of us don't. one of which is my sis who is severely anti-liquor....MOH is planning a trip to the city (San francisco) in a limo to bar/club hop, very cool, but....i almost feel too old for that.....my MOH's sis will be the youngest (24)...oldest of the group is 39........i am 26.............

i am a party pooper 100%...shy introverted.....the whole shabang.......thinking about all this attention gives my anxiety anxiety.........

ugh..i know i know...shut up, i should be greatful, but..........ugh
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Re: Party pooper

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    Don't feel that way- I'm the same way too. I set a bunch of ground rules for my MOH for my bachelorette I don't want to drink a lot, I just want to go out and have fun, etc. I also am not a partier by any means and don't have many friends, so we were just going to rent a lane for bowling and have a mini party for me with about 4 or 5 people.

    If you're really that uncomfortable having the parties like that, you can always mention something. Just bring it up gently saying something like "I'm happy that you want to do this for me, but I really don't feel comfortable bar hopping. Not that many people I know drink that much. Is there maybe something else we could do around the city?"

    If you aren't mean or nasty about it there's no reason why your MOH shouldn't work with you to try and figure out something else you can all do together.
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  • I'm not a huge wild party girl - but I do like to drink a little and have a good time - which is why when my bridesmaids were planning my b-party they asked me what I wanted - 2 of them got married last year and their b-party's were at 2 ends of the spectrum so I told them in the middle - we ended up w/ a weekend of camping - canoeing down a river - a fancy supper - and drinks at the campground! Perfect!
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    Bachelorette parties don't always have to be a crazy drink fest. I would see if you could ask to look into something else like a day at the spa or have a tea party. I feel like if you just go along with it you're going to end up with some awfully bored guests. How about a lingerie party or something?
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  • rktorkto member
    my MOH thought I wanted a huge bar party with everyone I knew.  luckily another BM mentioned that we should just do the spa and lunch and I jumped on the idea.  I told them that I really just want to be with my bridesmaids who are my closest friends and relax.  I think we all breathed a sigh of relief because we talked about it.
  • I agree - I didn't want to go clubbing and drink a lot because most of my bridesmaids/friends are married already, plus a few are pregnant (I'm 29, and we did all the crazy B parties for them). So we opted to go to a cabin in the mountains for the night.  It was a perfectly relaxing weekend.  You should ask you MOH to plan something more low-key - you could do anything from a camping trip to a spa day.  You should do what YOU want to do!  Good luck!
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  • Awww.. if you dont party hard you can still plan something fun!!! I don't know where your from but in San Diego there is this place called LIPS it would be a really good spot for a brides bash if she wasnt into just getting drunk all night and maybe after go to a fun dessert place!!!
  • This too shall pass.  :)


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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_august-2010-weddings_party-pooper?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:593Discussion:85eabef7-5e16-4715-afff-eb92f53ad38bPost:f950f766-b09a-414d-a781-8df566410a85">Re: Party pooper</a>:
    [QUOTE]This too shall pass.  :)
    Posted by Kathiiy[/QUOTE]

    :-) thank you
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  • I used to live in SF... maybe instead of bar/club hopping you could rent these little mini car guided city tour things around the city (http://www.gocartours.com) and then go out to a nice dinner after... and then you wouldn't feel bad about talking to one person... there's only 2 ppl per car... but maybe you could meet up throughout the 'tour' and swap cars.
    keep the limo, drive across the golden gate bridge and do a champagne toast at the Marin Headlands (great view of SF when it's not too foggy) and then head back to the city for a nice dinner.

    A great dinner suggestion is Bix (www.bix&lt;strong" rel="nofollow">www.bix>>restaurant.com) pretty fancy, with a good bar for those who like to drink, and great music and food for those who don't. (FI and I first said I love you there on my 22nd b-day!)
  • a. 26 is not too old to bar hop!  lol
    b. if you really dont want to do what your MOH is planning gently suggest something else you'd rather do. It may be too late to cancel the limo but you could definitely take it other places =)

    p.s. you guys make me feel like a lush! lol  my b-party is Saturday (woohoo!) and we all fully plan on having a drinkfest!

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