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tip for MU trial?

I'm going to search the knot for advise on this, but any help is appreciated. I have a trial with a MUA tomorrow and I am wondering if I should tip for this? She is also a licensed esthetician so if I come to her (which is over an hour away and it is snowing everywhere) she includes a "mini facial and a brow touch up" with the trial and the entire trial cost is $75. I am going to her because I want the mini facial! The other option would have been she would have come to me and would have done just the makeup trial. She would not have charged a travel fee. So what do you think?

Thanks in advance!

Re: tip for MU trial?

  • Hmmm... Its really up to you. The mini facial sounds awesome. I just had a facial today and I think its worth the drive... But its not snowing where I am at. I guess it depends how much you enjoy driving in the snow :) With the tipping I feel like if you go to her you don't have to tip... But if she drives to you and there is no driving fee it might be courtious to tip her.

    ** This is coming from a girl with no previous knowledge about MUA trials. :)

    Good Luck!!
  • i actually had 2 make-up trials (along with hair) with separate MUA's.  with the first MUA, i drove 45 minutes to her studio.  as opposed to the second MUA, who drove 45 minutes to my place.

    i didn't tip the first person because i thought i didn't have to (although i felt guilty afterwards).  so i asked the same question on the etiquette board and they said that you should always tip as if you were getting a haircut, etc.  oops!   i did tip the 2nd person ~20%.  and i ended up hiring her.


  • I haven't had a trial yet, but I have always tipped people that do my hair.  I don't see it being any different for a MUA.  I would say tip, even if you're going to her (though I may not tip as much as if she were coming to me).  She is giving you extra services for making the trip, though, so it all sorta washes out in the end as far as what she's providing you right?

    Either way I'd tip her.
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  • As long as she is not the owner I would tip her. If she was the owner then I would make a judgement call after I got the service.
    I'm having someone do my hair and make up as a side job and they are getting all the money so I am not sure if I will tip.

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  • Thanks for all your help! I'm on my way, can't wait to see the results!
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