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registry stalking again

I haven't been stalking our registry in quite awhile.  My showers took place quite early (March and April) so after that there was no reason to look.  I went on everyone once in awhile to update, but that's it. 

This morning I went on to change a color that we didn't love, and saw that one of our knives has been purchased!  Yay!  We have super crappy knives that I've had since college, so we were excited to register for nice ones.  Plus, it means the wedding must be getting very close, if people are starting to buy wedding gifts!  

I guess it's time to start stalking again :)

Re: registry stalking again

  • aweilbaaweilba member
    Haha, I've been stalking too much!  I don't even know why, as my shower invites are going out on Tuesday, so hardly anybody knows where we're registered.  I know my grandparents bought me something off of our registry for my birthday, but I don't know what.  It's a bad habit; now I feel so nosey and want to keep looking!
  • My shower invites went out last week. And I've been trying really hard ( Not so successfully) not to stalk. I really want to be surprised at my shower. But I've always been a present peeker! It really shouldn't be so hard!

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  • I checked yesterday and we got three things. My mom yelled at me for looking, I told her I'll do what I want to :P
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  • I have been so good about not looking! (It really helps that my shower is a surprise and I have no clue when it'll be.) I did have to look today because my family's been pushing me to fix certain things for a month (china issues, new versions of our cookware...) and nothing new has been removed....
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