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August 2010 Weddings

Huge UN-check, vent!

I haven't been on here too much recently due to starting a new job and being busy planning the wedding, but I just had to vent!

We booked a restaurant to cater our wedding last July. We were really happy with all of the service we received from them, they were on the approved caterer list from our venue, we loved our tasting, had picked out our linens, and the catering manager was going to be serving as a day of coordinator for all things happening at our reception location.

Well I got an email from them Wed night stating that the restaurant has closed due to "recent unexpected events combined with the poor economy", that they (it was owned by a husband and wife) are in personal and commercial bankruptcy and we might not get our deposit back!

Needless to say, I was pretty upset yesterday! Today I've contacted several other approved caterers who are all still available for our date and are willing to work with us to get us back to where we were in the planning. So I'm super stressed about our little un-check, but it will work out.

I can't really even be angry because I don't think this company did anything maliciously and I think they are good people. I know that they are in a worse off situation than we are right now. So I'm trying to look on the bright side and just get things fixed!

Sorry I just had to vent! Anyone else have any mini disasters or un-checks so far?

Re: Huge UN-check, vent!

  • I'm sorry that happened!  It's sad to say that you are probably not the first couple that has happened to with this economy.  Restaurants are closing left and right.  This was only too apparent to me because I worked in a kitchen appliance store and people are definitely cooking for themselves more.

    There haven't been any disasters yet, but we're going to have to get my dress worked on again.  I thought I was going to be able to find a bra that works with my dress (it's backless) but I haven't yet.  Even with a bra, my top is a little too loose, partly because of the boning in the bust area.  I'm having that taken out.  I called the bridal shop and the lady told me it couldn't be taken out, and I had a mini panic attack.  My mother called back and must have explained the situation better, because the seamstress is going to see what can be done.
  • Oh that sucks majorly!  I'm glad that other approved caterers had your date open- how lucky is that?  Plus now you get to do the fun tasting all over- though it still sucks.

    I understand!  We had our DJ back out on us 2 weeks ago- but we've had phone interviews with 5 and are meeting in person with one in a week (our current top choice)  So thats all good, and this guy is better than our other one anyhow.

    Things will work out!
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  • I'm so sorry for your un-check.  That's kind of a biggie, but it sounds like you've already got it under control.

    We an un-check too...a good family friend is a priest and she was going to perform our service; needless to say she had to back out for serious health issues with her mother---totally understandable.  But totally crappy too!  Hard to find someone who will do your service exactly the way you want it done and for free.

    We are waiting to hear from another friend who is a judge, and should be free to perform the service...and I have emailed a few professional officiants just in case.

  • I'm sorry for your un-check, but it seems that there are a lot of good catering companies waiting in the wings to help you out!

    I haven't had a disaster myself, but since Toronto is hosting the G8 and G20 summits this June, many June brides had to change their wedding venues or churches, and were only told this in February!  I guess their churches were in a "secured zone" or their hotel ballrooms were in hotels occupied by foreign dignitaries.  
  • i am so sorry to hear about this. i hope you didn't have too much down in a deposit. If you paid your deposit with a CC (esoecially AMEX) you might be able to get the money back through them by submitting a claim.  Good Luck
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  • That's terrible!  But well done on not just totally freaking out, but looking to solve the problem instead.  :)

    No un-checks here (fingers crossed).
  • Awww that sucks!!! So sorry to hear about that... wow, I can't even imagine.
    You're very lucky though to find caterers still available for your date.
    Yeah, you're right, the poor couple who owned the place is probably in a worse spot than you are... I guess you can count yourself lucky then in a way.

    :( Good luck booking a new caterer and getting back to where you were!
  • Wow that is a pretty big un-check.

    We recently lost our pastor as he is leaving our church so that was kind of an un-check we can either use the temporary guy or the new guy. So it's not like I had to go searching but I really did love our pastor!
  • That's horrible! When I was ordering my dress, the other bride in the salon lost her dress because of a bridal store that went bankrupt.

    Have you thought about getting wedding insurance? I've heard good things about places like wedsafe and it's reasonably priced. It probably wouldn't help with this deposit, but it would give me peace of mind going forward.
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  • I'm quite impressed at your ability to see the silver lining!  I'm pretty sure I would have had a major friggin meltdown if I was in your shoes.  It's good to see the bright side of things!!  That is a big un-check, but since you have so many other facilities that are willing to step up I'd say it worked out the best it could given the circumstances.  Sorry you've had to deal with all this, but I'd say you have things under control.  Kudos on that!
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  • Haha, you wouldn't have thought I was good at seeing the silver lining if I had posted this the day it happened!! Once I knew others caterers were available I had calmed down a little, although we're going to end up taking a decent financial hit from this unexpected twist as we were getting a really good deal from this caterer. Unfortunately we paid with a check. Any other deposits to be made from this point forward will be on credit cards!

    I was surprised how many other caterers were actually still available, and I'm hoping to use this to my advantage to maybe get the price down a bit.

    Thanks for all your support! I'm happy to hear there haven't been too many other major Un-checks for anyone else.
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