RE: your skinnytaste post... I have been making a lot of her stuff too. DH commented last night about how not a single recipe has tasted low-fat or healthy (which I think is awesome).

Tonight, I'm making the cilantro chicken salad (and doing whole wheat wraps) because we happen to have some fresh cilantro in the house.
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    I'm totally butting in but I've made a bunch off there too and FI LOVES it. We eat the Rice with peas at least once a week.

    I wanted to make some things but wanted to ask how they were first -
    so how was the chicken cordon bleu or the low fat mac and cheese?

    thanks for letting me hijack!
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    Jesster153Jesster153 member
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    Also butting in

    I LOVE her recipes
    We're obsessed with the baked ziti with spinach

    Also made the tuna noodle casserole which was good and the grilled chicken with spinach and red peppers

    I wanted to try the shrimp creole...havent gotten to that yet
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    I totally forgot I made the turkey meatloaf too. I have the recipe for the meatballs, have not tried them yet though.

    Chicken Cordon Bleu was good.. I used a little djon mustard on the side to dip it in when I was eating it as it has no sauce.

    Low Fat Mac and Cheese, it's good! I do not use all of the baby spinach she recommends, as I like spinach but it seems like a lot.. I think she calls for 2-3 cups of baby spinach.. I use one cup...
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    The white cloud cookies were good.. Have you ever BEATEN egg whites? I never had.. so it took me 3 attempts at beating the eggs (there is a science to it, which I had to google).... but they were YUMMY! I didnt cook them as long as she recommended because they were looking brown on top.. Not sure if my oven rack was too close to the top of what.... But delicious and fat free.. However, they are 1 WW Pt.... which sounds awesome yet if you can only eat one you have ALOT of SELF CONTROL! Ha Ha

    I never had Tuna Noodle Casserole and it kind of weirds me out to try it... I dunno I am on the fence about it... The Ziti is yummy we love it... We have had it before and I am making it tomorrow too!
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    My DH said the same thing.. what I really like about her site is it's meals people HEARD of.... using real ingredients too. I loved Hungry Girl BUT the "use 1/2tsp of hot chocolate mix" which requires buying one WHOLE box, wasting one WHOLE packet got on my nerves after a while... I have made alot of her recipes....I have many a few and we loved them all so far! I got my parents hooked too and my dad is a VERY PICKY EATER!!

    So far I made:

    Herb Crusted Rib Eye
    Low Fat Mac & Cheese
    Parm Crusted Turkey Cutlets
    Mom's Stuffing
    Turkey Taco Soup
    Black and White Chip Cloud Cookies
    Spinach Lasgana Rolls (SO YUMMY)
    Chicken Divan
    Chicken Cordon Bleu
    Pumpkin Pie Dip
    Baked Ziti with Spinach
    Crab Cakes
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    Ohh I wanted to try the black and white cloud cookies... were they good??
    We need to get some spinach in the house because it's a main ingredient in many of the ones I want to try...

    So far I have made:
    Italian Turkey Meatballs
    Turkey Meatloaf
    Shrimp Creole  (awesome)
    Chili Taco Soup
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